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Everywhere you look, people are taking steps to be healthier. They’re walking trails, hitting the gym and making great choices at the dinner table.

By paying attention to nutrition, exercise and preventive care, you’re part of the momentum. You are helping to build a fulfilling life for yourself—and a healthier region for all of us.

Owensboro Health is on a mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. Every day, our team of more than 4,000 rolls up our sleeves to make healthcare work for you, from Dixon to Tell City—and everywhere in between. We are excited about this mission, and we want to help you live your best life yet.

Lift is designed to educate and inspire you along your health journey. The publication is packed with tips, features and the latest health information, and we hope it will be a welcome arrival in your mailbox each season.

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March Features

Get Set to Move Forward

Whether you’re training to run a marathon or recovering from a surgery, the Healthpark provides all the facilities and staff you need to help you reach your goals. Included with your membership are degreed fitness coaches and certified professional trainers to help guide your fitness plan and to help you MOVE forward.

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Cold or Flu?

Sharing isn’t caring during cold and flu season. To keep someone else from sharing their unwanted microscopic invaders with you, there are some precautions and actions that you can take

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The Heart of Muhlenberg County

Heart health is a major concern in Kentucky, and Dr. Scott Reader wants Muhlenberg County residents to know what they can do to improve the quality and length of their life and the health of their hearts

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Coal Miner's Clinic

For many current and retired coal miners, traveling long distances to get medical tests or care isn’t an option. The Coal Miners’ Respiratory Clinic offers diagnostic testing and care right in the heart of the Western Kentucky Coal Field.

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Featured Providers

Bracken Lewis, MD, began his career as a doctor early. He was a doctor in his preschool play and always knew it was what he wanted to do when he grew up.

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A FAMILY THAT CARES: Candace Dulabh, PA-C, and Amit Dulabh, MD, care for patients with humor and skill.

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WHEN JOHN MET TRASEY: Meeting during their residency in Pittsburgh. Trasey always vowed not to marry a physician, but she broke her rule.

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EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE: Ashley Gabbard, DO, and Michael Gabbard, DO, are committed to the health of their patients and their community.

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