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Published on May 20, 2015

The 2015 Harvest Market is Now Open!

Grab you sunglasses and straw hat and head to the Pleasant Valley Campus for to the 2nd annual Harvest Market!

Just ask grandma and she'll tell ya, nothing tastes better than locally grown produce! While grandpa would say, nothing feels better than supporting the local community! 

In either case, back by popular demand, the Harvest Market returns as a joint venture between Owensboro Health and the Owensboro Regional Farmers' Market. 

Based on last years' successful event, you can expect this year's market to be even bigger, better and fresher!

New this year to the Harvest Market is the Fresh Farm Map! Travel with your map as you visit different vendors, ask for a punch! (Y'all don't have to pay anything, we promise). Once your card is fully punched, return it to the Owensboro Health One Health tent to receive a prize!

Now, the Harvest Market is not just about good is also an opportunity for folks to learn about and try new foods that offer your taste buds a whole slew of new adventures! So, don't forget as you venture through all the savory in-season produce, to ask each farmer for their tips on preparing their products for that full, tummy-loving flavor and nutrition!

Harvest Market takes place every Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. thru September 2, 2015.

Signature Events & Dates:


Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

THEME: Back to School

MUSIC: Randy Lanham, featuring: Jenny Beth Willis, Emily Wills, Leland Isbill and more

·         Giveaways:

o   Fitbit: See One Health booth for details

o   Collapsible water bottles

o   Cute strawberry harvest market bags

o   5-pack of personal training sessions to 3 participants

o   Healthpark one-month trial membership for Family with fitness assessments (5 participants). See Healthpark booth for details

o   Apples

·         Cooling station with recipes

·         Booths

·         One Health @ Work:

o   Nutrition tips for College students “10 healthy choices to keep in your mini fridge”

o   Healthy school lunches

o   Snack tips for parents

o   Staying fit on campus

o   Health tips for teens

·         UK Extension Office Family Consumer Science  

·         UK Extension Office Horticulture

·         Morrisons

·         Mini Children’s massages (Healthpark)

·         Fitness Trainer present to promote Power Up Kidz (Healthpark)

·         One Health Pediatrics

·         Heroes for Freedom – featuring first responders (Owensboro Police Department and DARE Car, Owensboro Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department representation)

September 2nd HARVEST MARKET 

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

THEME: Fall Harvest and Arts in Medicine

MUSIC: Owensboro Symphony/TWO

Y'all come back now...

Go on ahead and bookmark this here page into your "favorites", just ask your grandkids for help, they'll tell ya it's easy to do!  Visit us here throughout the summer for updated information on upcoming Harvest Market happenings!

We hope to see y'all real soon!