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Features of the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

Patients. Nurses. Doctors. Families. All working in tandem under one roof and for one cause. Quality patient care is the No. 1 priority at Owensboro Health. Our new hospital is specifically designed to support this mission. 

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The Hospital

The Site

Choosing a site for the Owensboro Health facility was a carefully studied and well-informed decision. A leading firm specializing in hospital site selection narrowed our focus to 16 locations. Ultimately, our new site was chosen based on an extensive 19-point analysis process. Site facts:

  • Size: 162 acres
  • Location: Daniels Lane and Pleasant Valley Road – on the east side of Owensboro, near Highway 60
  • Elevation: 404 feet above sea level – 10 feet higher than the crest of the 1937 Great Flood

The Facility

  • Nine stories tall
  • 477 patient beds
  • Approximately 335 square feet per patient room (compared to 250 in the old facility)
  • Designed for beauty and function, built for maximum efficiency
  • Views from every room of lush green vistas and natural scenery around the hospital grounds

Project Stats

Project Stats

  • One of the nation’s top ten largest health care projects.
  • Second-largest construction project in the state of Kentucky
  • Largest construction project of any type or industry in Owensboro’s history
  • The largest project – and one of the first– to use an Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT). meaning all parties involved with the project are under one agreement and working together

The Economic Impact

Construction Phase:

  • Created nearly 1,000 jobs
  • $450 million in new output for the region
  • $139 million in additional earnings for the region


  • At least 500 new long-term health care jobs over the next five years
  • Total of 800 new jobs in the region
  • Over $24 million in new payroll earnings in the immediate five-county area


Innovative Ideas

The planning and design of the hospital evolved patient care and eliminated obstacles to achieving ultimate patient wellness. 

The planning stage

New Hospital 3D model

3D modeling was used for the facility’s design - an innovative way to craft the hospital before actual construction began. The 3D modeling allowed for details down to a quarter-inch to be included in the design, thus eliminating paper waste and improving accuracy during the design and building stages.

Using Structure Design to Increase Natural Light

Window space in a building is restricted by the nature of its own structure. The hospital is built with a steel cross gate frame, decreasing the amount of obstructed areas and increasing the space available for windows.

The benefits of natural light for patient care are exponential. Natural light reduces electricity use and  provides a bright and natural atmosphere for patients, employees and visitors alike.

An Easy Way to Find Your Way

Strategic way-finding efforts – meaning just as it sounds, “to find your way” – make the hospital easy to navigate by enabling fluid movement of patients, health care providers and visitors.

Components of way-finding efforts include:

  • Physical layout – by design, the front of the building acts as the central hub for the public. There you’ll find designated public elevators and public areas. Beyond this space are areas designated for hospital staff, thus reducing congestion and confusion.
  • Adjacency – units that interact with each other on a regular basis are placed adjacent to each other. This decreases patient movement and nurse travel time, allowing for more bedside time.
  • Kiosks and signage – digital way-finding kiosks and clear signage are available throughout the hospital. This provides an interactive tool for everyone to quickly identify where they are and where they need to go.

Sophisticated Technology

We’re not just building a new outside; we’re building a state-of-the-art facility inside. To best treat our patients, we’ve paid special attention to adequate space for advanced technologies. And because technology is highly developed and ever changing, the new facility will provide an environment to support the following (and more!):

Future Possibilities

Designed with growth in mind

First floor map with
growth indicated for
Emergency Department

Just because the new hospital is built doesn’t mean we stop there. The hospital is designed to make future expansion easier, cost effective and logical. We did not just build for tomorrow, the Owensboro Health facility is designed to adapt to our community’s needs well into this century.

  • The hospital isn’t landlocked, leaving room to grow outward, specifically with our Emergency Department and operating rooms.
  • All parking is located in a lot, rather than a structure. This allows for potential future use of land surrounding the hospital, without having to demolish an existing parking structure.