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Hospital TV System to Entertain, Educate Patients

It looks like a flat screen TV, but the patient education system is so much more. At the touch of a button, patients can: 

  • Call a nurse
  • View videos about their health conditions
  • Order a meal
  • Adjust the lighting and the temperature

“The idea of the LodgeNet system is to help the patient be a full participant in their care,” said Vicki Stogsdill, Vice President of Nursing Services.

Introducing LodgeNet

LodgeNet is a computerized education and entertainment system that is used in hotels and healthcare facilities across the country.


One of the features the clinical staff is most excited about is the educational video service. Patients can watch videos about their surgery or illness. And their clinicians can tell whether patients have done their homework.


The system can be customized according to patient needs. For example, heart patients may have a menu of videos that are completely different from those available to new moms. The system can be tailored so that children in pediatrics will have a more child-friendly look than the system in the other patient rooms.


Relaxation videos have been very popular in other hospitals. They provide background noise that makes patients comfortable but doesn’t distract from conversations with their visitors. Spiritual messages are another patient favorite.

Putting the Patient in Control

Many features are available now, while others will be added later.

Information, Communication at Your Fingerprints

“LodgeNet has a varied functionality that will benefit patients,” said Stogsdill. “Education, entertainment and environmental controls can be ordered up by the patient. The clinicians can choose assignments for the patient based on that patients specific educational needs.”

There are informational videos about general health, such as immunizations and exercise. The patient also has direct communication with pastoral care, maintenance and other departments. And they have many entertainment options, movies and their favorite television shows.

More Comfortable Environment

And, that makes the patient feel more at home, another positive for their healing, said Joni Sims, director of medical surgical services. When you’re at home you can decide what you what the watch, when you want to eat and the temperature of your room. The LodgeNet system puts them in control of those choices and much more.

“It’s awesome,” Sims said. “This system is so beneficial for our patients.”