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In patient care, quality counts. And to deliver that quality, an intelligent practice management system can make all the difference.

Award-Winning Systems

Through the Owensboro Health partnership with Epic, OneChart brings you award-winning functionality in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM) systems:

  • #1 Overall Software Vendor (KLAS' 2010 Top 20 Best in KLAS Report)
  • Best in KLAS – Ambulatory EMR and Practice Management
  • “Category Leader” for the MyChart patient portal.

OneChart Basics


OneChart is a fully integrated EMR system and an excellent choice for practices that want to continue improving.

The OneChart system allows you to access patient information through a secure Internet connection. You'll have the capability to retrieve patient data wherever you are - at your desktop, on a tablet PC or even a smartphone.

OneChart will share a single clinical database (while protecting private practice data) with the EHR system at Owensboro Health. Patient information will flow into a unified medical record so that healthcare providers can share health information in a secure, resourceful environment. The practice management component also includes functions for scheduling, registration and billing.


The OneChart system is available to private physician practices throughout the Owensboro Health service area.

Indiana Counties

Kentucky Counties
Butler                  Daviess                  Grayson
Ohio                          Union

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Leveraging best practice content, OneChart can offer you the efficiencies you need to remain competitive in the business of medicine.

This content has been developed through the Epic
system’s growth and success in over 30 years of implementation. In addition to this content, other benefits of the OneChart system include:

Faster Information

Partner lab and diagnostic results post directly to patient records as soon as tests are completed.

Results When You Are Ready

Within the InBox functionality of the system, physicians and clinical staff have immediate notification when something they requested is ready and a central repository for all communications surrounding their patient’s care. So when you are ready, all your results are in one place waiting for you.

Simplified Referrals

Whether you are on the sending or receiving end, the ability for the patient’s chart to follow the referral is invaluable to have the data when you need it, without the extra steps.

Documentation Your Way

Flexibility is a must have to deal with all the variables that a physician faces day to day. Up-to-date templates, macros, voice recognition and standard dictation are all options providers may use for their clinical documentation.

One System

With the Epic’s one database structure, your registration, scheduling, clinical documentation and billing data is tied together reducing duplicate entries and orphaned data.

Reduced Medication Error

E-prescribing allows for medicine interaction checking and direct transmission of data resulting in immediate results for improved patient care.

Freedom From Paper Charts

Using a full functionality system like OneChart offers means the need for paper charts or billing records goes away. All of the patient’s demographic, clinical and billing data are available online.

Maximized Profitability

Through the unified system content users will be better able to manage co-pay collections, charge capture, schedule utilization, and more.

Comprehensive Reports

From Meaningful Use, accounts receivable, practice operations or clinical quality measures, the OneChart system will put essential reports at your fingertips.

Shared And Secure

Clinical and demographic data is shared within the system while private information such as your
schedule, charges and accounts receivable remain secure.


By choosing OneChart for your practice, you'll receive a comprehensive training program to ensure proficiency before launching the system. Installing an EMR/PM suite is also the perfect time to review your current processes--a proven way to improve the workflow in your office.

Meaningful Use

You've probably heard a lot about the Meaningful Use provision of the healthcare reform act. Here are some of the highlights of the provision and how OneChart can help you benefit from government incentives.

Increased Medicare Or Medicaid Payment

As a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), funds are being made available to physicians and hospitals for implementation of an electronic health record (EHR) in a meaningful way.

Physicians can become eligible to collect an incentive from either Medicare or Medicaid—but not both. The Medicaid incentive has the potential to be larger (with a maximum incentive of $64,000) but has stricter eligibility requirements. The Medicare incentive is 75 percent of Medicare Part B charges to a maximum of $44,000. Physicians will receive incentives through increased reimbursements over a period of several years (chart detailing incentives and eligibility requirements on reverse side).

Hospital-based healthcare providers are not eligible for the physician incentive; it is assumed they will use an EHR funded through the hospital incentive. Physicians are considered hospital-based if more than 90 percent of their (Medicare or Medicaid) services are provided in an inpatient hospital or emergency department. The legislation calls out pathologists, anesthesiologists and emergency physicians as examples of hospital-based providers. Access to the source documents on this topic can be found through h

Certified EHR technology Is A Must

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued an Interim Final Rule (IFR) on what constitutes Meaningful Use as of December 2009. It lists specific capabilities an EHR system must have in order to be eligible for an incentive award. While Epic will need to build in the proper capabilities, physicians will have responsibility for documenting and reporting Meaningful Use. Epic provides reports to assist in reporting each of the measures.

Timeline To Qualify For Incentives

The Centers for Medicare Services has proposed to require eligible professionals and hospitals to demonstrate Meaningful Use during a continuous 90-day period in their first year, giving the following dates:

First Incentive Opportunity

Earliest date to demonstrate Meaningful Use

2011 (1/1/11)

Max Incentive Opportunity

Latest you can begin Meaningful Use to still obtain maximum incentive payments

2012 (10/1/12)

Last Incentive Opportunity

Latest you can begin Meaningful Use to still receive any incentive payments

2014 (10/1/14)

Owensboro Health, Epic And Meaningful Use

In December 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services published an interim final rule to certify EHRs to support the meaningful use. Owensboro Health will implement Epic hospital wide and is also making Epic’s one-record structure available to regional affiliate providers through One Chart—a system that will help practices develop tools necessary to achieve the maximum benefit of stimulus funds.

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