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A Message From Our Coordinator

Happy New Year!  I am excited about the 2015 travel opportunities coming your way!  By Member request, I have added more "1-day trips" and included the two most popular extended destinations according to the Golden Partners 2014 Travel Survey.  

If you want more details about each trip you can call Golden Partners at 270-688-4855 or come back to our website for updates. 

I am looking forward to traveling with everyone in the coming year and on behalf of Owensboro Health, I thank you for your support of the Golden Partners program!


Melinda Cornell

Office Information

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Golden Partners

Golden Partners is a wellness program designed to help individuals age 55 and older to maintain sound bodies, minds and spirits. Golden Partners offers health education, social activities and travel opportunities throughout the year. Golden Partners members receive Healthpark membership discounts.

Whether you like to travel long distance or to just go away for the day, there is something at Golden Partners for you. If you have never traveled with Golden Partners you might just find it is more of an adventure than you ever thought it could be with one added bonus: ALL TRIPS DEPART FROM OWENSBORO!

Things To Consider

Whether you travel with Golden Partners or you are traveling on your own, remember these top ten reasons to travel and how they play an important role in maintaining your health: Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually

  • Travel provides learning and education about places and history
  • Travel connects us to other cultures and people
  • Travel slows us down: Gives us a break from our fast-paced lives
  • Travel expands our awareness and introduces us to greater diversity
  • Travel helps us break habits: Mentally, Physically and Emotionally
  • Travel gives us time to heal, reduces stress and helps us regain enthusiasm for live
  • Travel stokes curiosity and awakens our inner child by offering us new, "first-time" experiences
  • Travel promotes patience by releasing heavy expectations of the "one right away" mentality, thereby allowing life to flow more organically
  • Travel invites the opportunity to get lost and face one's fears of the unknown
  • Travel helps you get to know yourself better: The true YOU is rediscovered


Melinda Cornell, LSW
Health Promotion Specialist

Golden Partners Travel
Program Coordinator

Senior Outreach


John Howard
Van Driver


Ron Turner
Van Driver


Preview Of 2016


January 13 - 30, 2016

$13,244.00 inside double $14,614.00 outside double

$15,514.00 main outside double

BOOK NOW and save $200. Valid through June 15, 2015

Cancellation waiver and insurance included.

Ever thought about traveling to that 7th continent? Well here’s your chance. Join Golden Partners as we embark on this once in a lifetime opportunity to discover the magic and wonder of the “White Continent”; Antarctica, aboard the stylish and comfortable MS Fram. Jump off from Ushuaia, Argentina and explore vistas of blue white glaciers and busy penguin rookeries.

See breaching whales crashing and scenes of pure ice walls. Cruise through the Lemaire Channel, where steep, sheer cliffs rise above the narrow iceberg-filled passage.

Zip by zodiac boat into small bays and harbors for personal and in-depth exploration.

Make your way to Whalers Bay on Deception Island with its warm springs and black volcanic sand. Relax for 3 nights in Buenos Aires, the “Paris of South America.” Call for a detailed color brochure.

Watch for an important travel presentation regarding this trip.

42 meals included.

Golden Partners General Trip Information


Deposits are due within 10 days after making a reservation. Deposit amounts may vary depending upon the cost of the trip. For trips under $100.00, payment in full is requested when making reservation.


We suggest you make your reservation as soon as you know your travel schedule. Trips are scheduled with prearranged seating and many times extra seats for shows, meals, or even motor coaches are not available. To avoid being disappointed, sign up before the trip is sold out. To register, call Golden Partners at 270-688-4855.

Waiting List

Golden Partners will take a waiting list on all tours since we do have frequent cancellations. When a cancellation is known, the vacancy will be filled from the waiting list in the date order in which it was received.

Cancellation Policy

Golden Partners realizes that, due to uncontrollable circumstances, there may be times you have to cancel a tour; therefore we offer optional cancellation insurance. In the event that a cancellation becomes necessary, the following policy will apply: There will be a $10 cancellation fee on all cancellations to cover the cost of postage, processing, and telephone expenses.

Cancellations made not less than 90 days prior to the tour departure will receive a full refund less the $10.00 cancellation fee and any non-recoverable expenditures made on behalf of the participant at the time of the cancellation, such as meals, tickets, hotels, etc. Many hotels and restaurants require payments made 45 – 90 days out from a trip and tickets are often purchased in advance as well.

Inside 90 days with the purchase of optional cancellation insurance:

Inside 90 days your cancellation insurance becomes effective. You will be protected against cancellation fees for unforeseen circumstances such as illness, death in the family or accidents. Under this program, you will receive a refund of all trip payments less the insurance fee once all the necessary paperwork has been submitted and approved by the carrier. Insurance brochures are available upon request. It is optional and is the responsibility of the traveler to purchase travel insurance.

Inside 90 days without cancellation insurance:

You will only receive money that is recoverable. Please remember many hotels and restaurants require payments made 45 – 90 days out from a trip and tickets are often purchased in advance as well. While I will try to recover all of your money there is no guarantee as each venue has its own cancellation policy.

*Please note that trips in which we partner with Go Collette have a separate insurance policy and will override the above policy.

Contact Us

To register for a trip, e-mail or call 270-688-4855.

Trip Registration Form

PRINT OUT a trip registration form.


What does “Seat Reduction” date mean?

This is the last date the airlines will hold empty space for you. If you have not registered by this date, there is no guarantee of space.  It then becomes first come, first serve.

Why are deposits due so early?

Deposits are required to reserve your space on the coach or airplane.  Also, the uniqueness of some of the activities on a trip requires an early deposit to hold space.  Many places now require groups to pay in-full at least 2 months out from the trip.

Why are single rooms so much more expensive?

Most hotels set a price for a room. The cost of this room is then divided by the number of people in the room. If you are rooming alone, then the expense of the room is all yours.

What if there are more than two people who would like to room together?

In most situations Golden Partners is able to accommodate requests for up to four people in a room.  Please ask if you would like the pricing for that.

Can I make installment payments?

Yes, except on trips priced under $100. All trips priced over $100 can be paid through monthly installments, as long as the last payment is made by the final payment date.

Golden Partners Benefits

Quarterly Newsletter
Weekly Blood Pressure Screening
Van Service at no fee
Notary Services by appointment
Educational Offering
Fit 'n Fun Exercise Classes

Golden Partners Special Discounts

GoldenFit Healthpark Membership
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Quarterly Health Screenings
Social Events
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