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The Healthpark’s 10-Week TURNAround Program


What will you gain...When you lose 10? (Pounds that is)
Research shows that even modest weight loss can have measurable effects on your health. 

Losing 10 lbs. can improve:

The 10-week Turnaround is also an excellent way to REALLY lose that 10 lbs. you have been aiming to lose for a while. Or, as we like to say – To WIN…by LOSING!

Each participant gets medical-based pre-testing where your fitness coach gathers numbers on height, weight, BMI, and Body Composition.

Your fitness coach will also give general nutrition advice as well as do a fitness assessment and developing a personalized exercise prescription, just for you. 

During the 10-week turnaround, your fitness coach will contact you weekly – by phone or face-to-face documenting the encounter – and provide encouragement, support, and guidance to be successful. 

At the end of the program, each participant will go through the same battery of tests in the post assessment and data will be collected and measured.

Each participant will receive a ’10 Week Turnaround’ T-shirt for participating in the program.

WIN…of all things…by LOSING

It's our way of getting your attention focused on your health and the fact that we can help you Move forward.

Pre-testing between Feb. 27 – March 11!


Contact Us

For more information about Healthpark services & programs e-mail or call 270-688-LIFE (5433).

Use the Healthpark Reservation Line 270-688-4908 to make reservations for upcoming events. Please leave your name, phone number to receive confirmation for your reservation.

Fitness Health Assessment

Take this assessment whether you exercise or you don't. It can help you get started or motivate you to continue.

What You'll Get At The End Of The Assessment

  • An explanation of how your activity level is likely to be helping, or hurting, your health
  • Practical suggestions for how to implement and maintain a successful exercise program
  • Links to additional reading

Take Assessment

Target Heart Rate Calculator

During exercise, you want to elevate your heart rate to strengthen your heart while avoiding rates that endanger it.

Use our Target Heart Rate Calculator to find the safe heart rate for people your age during exercise. If you're beginning an exercise program, aim for the low end of this range. If you’ve been exercising for a while, you can aim for a higher target rate.