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Published on May 23, 2012

First Single-Incision Robotic Surgery at Owensboro Health to Take Place Tomorrow

Media will have access to dry run scheduled in operating room today at 11:00 am 

OWENSBORO (May 24, 2012) – On Friday, May 25, a surgical team led by Dr. Brad Cornell will operate for the first time utilizing single incision robotic-assisted surgery at Owensboro Health.

According to Intuitive Surgical, Inc., the company that manufactures the da Vinci® Surgical System, Owensboro Health is now among more than 100 hospitals across the nation to implement single-site robotics. Dr. Cornell and Dr. Alan Mullins, partners at Ohio Valley Surgical Specialists, recently completed many hours of practice and specialized training to use the single-site da Vinci device. Both physicians practice general and vascular surgery. Dr. Cornell also serves as chief of surgery at the hospital.

The dry run will include the team of nurses and surgical technicians who will assist Dr. Cornell in Friday’s operation to remove a gallbladder with the single-site technique. The average time to remove a gallbladder with single-site robotics is about 70 minutes.

Owensboro Health purchased its first da Vinci Surgical System, the da Vinci® Si, in July 2009 and bought a second robot within the following 18 months. Robotic surgery is now widely used at the hospital for gynecological, heart, lung, prostate and general surgeries.

Owensboro Health made a $21,000 capital investment to upgrade its da Vinci instrumentation for single site robotics. The technique has proved particularly helpful to surgeons in removing gall bladders from patients who are obese. Single-site surgery is also sought by younger patients who prefer minimal scarring. The incision from the surgery is barely visible in some cases cannot be seen at all. Consistent with other minimally invasive surgeries, patients report less pain following their procedures with single-site robotic surgery. 

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