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Gift Cards for Patients and Employees

There’s a new option for giving gifts and making purchases at the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital: Gift cards. 

Debbie Luttrell, manager of volunteer services at the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Pleasant Valley Campus, said gift cards have been available for the past month or two, but have been rolled out quietly. Now the goal is to help spread the word about these cards. 

The cards, which can be purchased at both the gift shop and the cafeteria, can be used at both those locations as well as the Starbucks at the Pleasant Valley campus. The cards are meant to be an option for use by employees who are at the hospital often or for patients and their families, Luttrell said. 

“It was a nice way to be able to give a gift if you're in the gift shop and you don't know what they like or need,” Luttrell said. “If someone's staying up here for a few days and they just want to buy snacks every day, it's a way to give gifts daily. They can go down and use it every day.” 

Luttrell said the gift cards are also meant to be convenient. 

“They're really easy to use. You bring it into the gift shop and they swipe it like a debit or credit card. It takes off from whatever amount is on the card,” Luttrell said. “It's an easy gift, I think.” 

There is no set minimum or maximum amount that can be purchased and placed on a card, Luttrell said and the cards function like a debit/credit card. For more information about the card, call the gift shop directly at 13126 internally or 417-3126 externally. 

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