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Our physicians will meet your healthcare needs with compassion and expertise.

Owensboro Health physicians offer complete care for you and your family. With nationally recognized quality of care and advanced technology, rest assured you are in the best hands.  Our physicians believe in a commitment to excellence in medicine and practice this commitment every single day.

Looking for a new provider?

Whether you're new to town or just looking for a new provider, we're here to help find the right doctor for you.

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1 Doctor Aesthetic Surgery Center
3 Doctors Allergy & Asthma Specialists, PSC
5 Doctors Bluegrass Internal Medicine
1 Doctor Bluegrass Regional Healthcare
1 Doctor Carol J. Braun, MD
1 Doctor David P. Russell
1 Doctor Donald R. Neel, MD
2 Doctors Elizabeth H. Ottman, PSC
1 Doctor George S. Gilliam
1 Doctor J. Ross MD
1 Doctor Jeffrey S. Hofer
1 Doctor Jeremy Bradley, MD
1 Doctor Jinah Sayed, MD
1 Doctor John Hammen, MD
2 Doctors Kentucky Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC
4 Doctors Louisville Radiology Imaging Consultants
5 Doctors Midwest Ear, Nose and Throat
23 Doctors Neonatal Associates
15 Doctors Neurosurgical Consultants
1 Doctor Nityanand D. Gupta MD
4 Doctors Ohio Valley Nephrology Associates
1 Doctor One Health @ Work - Owensboro
4 Doctors One Health Behavioral Services
9 Doctors One Health Cardiology
4 Doctors One Health Cardiothoracic Surgery
1 Doctor One Health Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
1 Doctor One Health Ear, Nose & Throat
4 Doctors One Health Family Medicine Breckenridge
2 Doctors One Health Gastroenterology & Hepatology
2 Doctors One Health Greenville
4 Doctors One Health Hematology & Oncology
4 Doctors One Health Henderson
15 Doctors One Health Hospitalists
3 Doctors One Health Infectious Disease
4 Doctors One Health McAuley Primary Care
20 Doctors One Health Multicare
3 Doctors One Health Neurology
6 Doctors One Health Obstetrics & Gynecology
2 Doctors One Health Ohio County
4 Doctors One Health Orthopedics
3 Doctors One Health Pediatrics
1 Doctor One Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
6 Doctors One Health Pulmonology
4 Doctors One Health Rheumatology
11 Doctors One Health Surgical Specialists
2 Doctors One Health Tell City
9 Doctors One Health Urgent Care Ford
2 Doctors One Health Urology
10 Doctors Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
33 Doctors Owensboro Anesthesia Services, PLLC
2 Doctors Owensboro Family Medicine
3 Doctors Owensboro Health Laboratory - Breckenridge
3 Doctors Owensboro Health Laboratory - Healthpark
3 Doctors Owensboro Health Laboratory - Hospital
3 Doctors Owensboro Health Laboratory - The Springs
1 Doctor Owensboro Health McAuley Center
4 Doctors Owensboro Health Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center
8 Doctors Owensboro Health OB Hospitalist
5 Doctors Owensboro Health Outpatient Imaging - Breckenridge
5 Doctors Owensboro Health Outpatient Imaging - Healthpark
5 Doctors Owensboro Health Outpatient Imaging - Springs
2 Doctors Owensboro Health Regional Hospital
2 Doctors NICU
19 Doctors Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Emergency Department
1 Doctor Owensboro Health Wound Center - Ohio County
6 Doctors Owensboro Health Wound Center - Owensboro
3 Doctors Owensboro Heart & Vascular
3 Doctors Owensboro Pathology, PSC
8 Doctors Owensboro Pediatrics
4 Doctors Owensboro Primary Care
2 Doctors Owensboro Urology
5 Doctors Physicians Affiliated Care, PSC
5 Doctors Physicians Eye Center
1 Doctor Randall E. King, MD
1 Doctor Richard C. Good, MD
2 Doctors Riverbend Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, PLLC
6 Doctors Riverfront Medical Clinic
1 Doctor Ronald E. Taylor, MD
6 Doctors The Clinic at Walmart - Henderson, KY
6 Doctors The Clinic at Walmart - Newburgh, IN
7 Doctors The Clinic at Walmart - Owensboro, KY (Frederica Street)
7 Doctors The Clinic at Walmart - Owensboro, KY (Highway 54)
1 Doctor The Endocrine and Diabetes Center
3 Doctors The Women's Pavilion PSC
1 Doctor Tri-State Advanced Pain Management


3 Doctors Allergy/Immunology
34 Doctors Anesthesiology
4 Doctors Cardiac Surgery
14 Doctors Cardiology
1 Doctor Critical Care
19 Doctors Emergency Medicine
3 Doctors Endocrinology
24 Doctors Family Medicine
5 Doctors Gastroenterology
13 Doctors General Surgery
1 Doctor Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery
14 Doctors Hospitalist
3 Doctors Infectious Disease
17 Doctors Internal Medicine
4 Doctors Medical Oncology/Hematology
23 Doctors Neonatology
4 Doctors Nephrology
3 Doctors Neurology
15 Doctors Neurosurgery
47 Doctors Nurse Practitioner
8 Doctors OB Hospitalist
13 Doctors Obstetrics/Gynecology
2 Doctors Occupational Health
5 Doctors Ophthalmology
1 Doctor Oral Surgery
14 Doctors Orthopedics
6 Doctors Otolaryngology (ENT)
1 Doctor Pain Management
3 Doctors Pathology
1 Doctor Pediatric Dentistry
12 Doctors Pediatrics
3 Doctors Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
27 Doctors Physician's Assistant
2 Doctors Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
4 Doctors Psychiatry
5 Doctors Pulmonology
2 Doctors Radiation Oncology
9 Doctors Radiology
3 Doctors Rheumatology
1 Doctor Sleep Medicine
23 Doctors Urgent Care
6 Doctors Urology
6 Doctors Wound Care


5 Doctors Arabic
307 Doctors English
2 Doctors French
3 Doctors German
4 Doctors Hindi
1 Doctor Korean
1 Doctor Malay
3 Doctors Marathi
1 Doctor Portuguese
1 Doctor Romanian
2 Doctors Russian
7 Doctors Spanish
1 Doctor Tagalog
2 Doctors Tamil
1 Doctor Urdu
1 Doctor Vietnamese

New Physicians Accepting Patients

Donna Lorenzo-Beultel, MD
Owensboro Health Neurology 

Brian Wellington, DO
Owensboro Health Henderson Clinic

Jeanne McCormack, DO
Owensboro Health Neurology

Billie Jean Crigger, DO
Owensboro Health Ear, Nose & Throat

Berhanemeskel Nesketa, MD
Owensboro Health Pulmonology

Ted Katner, MD
Owensboro Health Neurology

Alexis Huynh, MD
Owensboro Health Hospitalists

Janae Maher, MD
Owensboro Health Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Allen Griffin, MD
Owensboro Health Infectious Disease

Matthew Golden, MD
Owensboro Health Surgical Specialists

Ryan Abel, MD
Owensboro Health Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center

John Walker, MD
Owensboro Health Family Care

Ron Berry, MD
Owensboro Health Family Care

Terry Perkins, MD
Owensboro Health Multicare Tell City