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Quality Cancer Care You Can Trust

Sophisticated technology. Innovative treatments. Dedicated specialists.

Walk into Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center and you’ve entered more than just a building. Now you’ve become part of our comprehensive approach to treating cancer.

Our Facility

Our unique facility offers world-class care for patients and families, including:

You’ll also find the educational resources and support services you need for managing your treatment and recovery when you return home.

Now Open: The New Hospital

The new Owensboro Health Regional Hospital opened in June 2013. Regarding cancer treatment, here are some things you need to know.

  • The inpatient unit is now located at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital on Pleasant Valley Road in Owensboro.
  • Outpatient cancer services are still provided at the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center at the Parrish Avenue campus.
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and patient education are still provided at the Cancer Center at the Parrish Avenue campus.

Physicians will continue seeing patients at the Cancer Center.


Owensboro Health is accredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Center, the highest endorsement awarded to any community hospital from the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons. This endorsement shows that Owensboro Health provides the highest level of care in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

We’re also proud to be recognized by the American College of Surgeons as a fully accredited Breast Center, a reflection of our ongoing mission to provide the very best care for our breast cancer patients.

In addition, Owensboro Health is accredited by the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, one of the largest clinical cancer research organizations in the United States.

In 2013, the Cancer Center received a three-year accreditation in radiation oncology from the American College of Radiology (ACR). This means you can rest assured that our facility has met the highest standard of quality and radiation safety. More about ACR accreditation.


Physicians and staff at Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center maintain close associations with the region’s major teaching hospitals for clinical trials and other cancer research. These include:

MMCC’s national affiliations include:

The Cancer Center hosts regularly scheduled oncology conferences, featuring multi-disciplinary analysis of various cases. The result is a dynamic, collaborative evaluation of each patient, paving the way for development of optimal treatment plans.

2013 Statistics

2013 Cancer incidence rate

Site   Owensboro Health *National
Lung  27.18% 14%
Prostate 18.26% 28%
Colorectal 8.49% 9%
Bladder 5.73% 6%
Malignant Melanoma  6.16% 5%
Lung  18.97% 29%
Breast 28.66% 14%
Colorectal 7.76% 9%
Endometrium 3.45% 6%
Malignant Melanoma  6.68% 4%

*national percentages above are from estimated US Cancer Cases in
American Cancer Society Cancer Facts & Figures - 2012
*excludes basal cell and squamous cell cancer of skin.
*all insitu cases excluded from calculations except bladder.

Column 1 – tables from page 13: Cancer incidence rate, county at diagnosis, analytic cancer case counts by year

View our Public Report for additional info.

Our commitment

We’re committed to working together as a team; to provide excellent care with compassion and respect; to build trusting relationships with patients and their families; and to encourage hope, faith and healing while striving to maintain a quality of life for our patients.

A beacon of hope

“Cancer has so closely affected our family. It is our hope and prayer that each future cancer patient will receive the best possible treatment and the chance of being cured.

We hope that their families might be relieved from some of the fear and loneliness associated with this disease.”

The Frank and Ann Mitchell Family

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is an important resource for patients and families to learn more about treatment options, support groups, and research.

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