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Joint Replacement Center

The staff of the Joint Replacement Center refer to the unit as Joint Camp. When your hip or knee replacement is scheduled, you’re not alone. We actually schedule a full unit one week at a time. All patients are scheduled for pre-admission, a group meeting and education session. It’s here a group dynamic begins.

All the hip and knee replacement surgery is scheduled on Monday morning.  After recovery things are different. The Joint Replacement Center is set in a warm home-style environment and you wear regular clothes. As you recover and begin rehabilitation, a camaraderie develops and patients start supporting the efforts of other patients - all under the careful medical supervision of the Joint Replacement Center staff.

Our Goals

During your stay at the Joint Replacement Center, our first concern is to control, reduce or eliminate pain. Next, the combination of hospital staff and patient-supported rehabilitation makes recovery from hip and knee replacement surgery go faster. The shorter recovery with continued outpatient rehabilitation and physical therapy is designed to return you to the best possible quality of life.