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The Joint Center Unit

The Joint Center Unit opened in February 1999 and has been a staple at Owensboro Health ever since. Fondly referred to as "Joint Camp" we gather our patients together and operate like a sort of summer camp. We believe that the group dynamics promote wellness and aid in the healing process.

We schedule a full unit one week at a time.The Joint Replacement Center is set in a warm home-style environment and you wear regular clothes. As you recover and begin rehabilitation, a camaraderie develops and patients start supporting the efforts of other patients - all under the careful medical supervision of the Joint Replacement Center staff.

Joint Camp Details

Patients and family are invited to attend a pre-admission class 1-2 weeks prior to their surgery day. This is a "one-stop" visit where patients will,

  • Pre-register
  • Meet with pre-registration nurses
  • Have any pre-op diagnostics completed
  • Speak with an APRN about anesthesia
  • Finish with a meeting on the 5th floor where physical therapy and case management will speak about what they need to do surgery, what will happen while they are in the hospital and what happens after discharge

The patients and families are gathered together with others that will be having surgery the same day so that on the day of surgery the families have already met and con converse while they are waiting.

After surgery, patients are walked to group therapy twice a day. Patients will be with others that they met prior to surgery and with other patients that are at the same stage in their recovery

Families are asked to attend these sessions that that they may know how to assist once the patient is home.

Our Goals

During your stay, our first concern is to control, reduce or eliminate pain. Next, the combination of hospital staff and patient-supported rehabilitation makes recovery from hip and knee replacement surgery go faster. The shorter recovery with continued outpatient rehabilitation and physical therapy is designed to return you to the best possible quality of life.