Paul Crouse is Back in Step

Paul Crouse had his hip replacement surgery on a Monday last October. He was back home on Wednesday, getting around with a walker. On Saturday, he took his lawnmower and mulched the leaves in his yard. The next day, he did the same for his neighbor’s yard.

It was a surprise for Crouse, who had been enduring terrible hip pain before his surgery.

“It was just extreme pain. It was about an eight or 10 constantly and I had just surrendered,” Crouse said. “(I wanted to get outside and be active because) Otherwise you just sit in a chair all day, being depressed. You sit inside all day and the room just gets smaller.”

The Turning Point

Crouse, 72, underwent a hip replacement, which was done by Owensboro Health Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Anthony McBride. For Crouse’s surgery, McBride made use of a technique that he and other orthopedic surgeons at Owensboro Health are making use of: The direct anterior method.

The direct anterior hip replacement method is advantageous because it requires a smaller incision and less disturbance of associated muscle tissue. A smaller incision and less muscle disturbance translate into less blood lost during the surgery and a shortened hospital stay and recovery time.

Crouse said that’s exactly how his experience went, much to his relief.

“It's the technology, the way he did it (that made my recovery so easy). I was afraid to have it done at first because so many people said how difficult it was going to be,” Crouse said. “I had a walker for a couple days, but after a couple days it left. I never did get a cane. Every day it just got better.”

Enjoying Life Again

Today, Crouse said he’s back to normal. In February, he and his wife went to Florida and he said he enjoyed taking several long walks on the beach.

“I can bend over. I can walk, I can run. I can do just about anything I want,” Crouse said. “It's just wonderful. I've got no pain at all anymore. I'm just going forward.”

Crouse said his experience has led him to encourage others to see Dr. McBride and the other surgeons at Owensboro Health Orthopedics.

“He's really excellent,” Crouse said. “I've recommended him to a lot of people, and they all love him too."