Samantha Green is Back in the Game

On Monday night, 17-year-old Samantha Green pulled on her ankle supports, strapped on a knee brace and laced up her shoes for volleyball practice at Apollo High School.

Just under a year ago, Green was wondering if she’d play volleyball ever again.

Down But Not Out

On June 1, 2013, Green tore her ACL, had another two tears in her meniscus and strained her MCL. Three weeks later, she underwent surgery to repair the damage. Thanks to the work of Owensboro Health Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Reid Wilson, Green was back on the volleyball floor in December.

Green said her post-surgical experience was a positive one.

“I wasn't in a lot of pain,” Green said, adding that today she still is doing well. “I don't really feel it.”

Mike Green, Samantha’s father, said her recovery went well.

“She quit taking pain pills the second day. She doesn't have any problems with it. It doesn't hurt her. The only reason she wears a brace is security,” Green said. “I'm happy that she doesn't have any problems with it and I hope she doesn't have any in the future. I think she's stronger now than she was before.”

Expert Care, Understanding

Mike Green said Wilson was not just a good surgeon, but a good doctor, responding to Samantha’s fears and concerns.

“He understood and he was sensitive to her,” Mike Green said. “They (Wilson and the rest of the medical staff) were good, they were knowledgeable.”

Green said she’s glad to be back to playing and that she’s considering a future in medicine, particularly in radiology.

“Now I have some experience with it,” Green said.