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Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Rapid recovery is the hallmark of anterior hip replacement, a newer kind of hip surgery where doctors access a patient’s hip joint from the front of the body, instead of the traditional backside approach.

How It Works

The direct anterior method allows the hip to be replaced without detaching muscle from the pelvis or thigh bone and offers a number of advantages for patients when compared to conventional surgery, including a hospital stay of four days or less, compared to up to ten days.

Smaller Incision, Quicker Recovery

The incision for the surgery is also smaller, about four or five inches instead of the customary 10 to 12. And the less invasive method greatly reduces recovery time: Two to eight weeks instead of two to four months. Even better, patients experience less pain and return more quickly to normal activities.

Dr. Anthony McBride
Owensboro Health Orthopedics

“Direct anterior hip surgery allows us to work through the body’s natural space between the muscles. It leaves the most essential muscles for hip function undisturbed and, therefore, leads to quicker recovery after surgery.”

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