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2015 Public Report On Cancer

Learn more about what the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center is doing to accomplish their mission of providing quality Cancer care

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Research & Clinical Trials

At Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center, we’re continually looking for the innovations of tomorrow. Who will discover the next breakthrough in cancer treatment – or even the next cure?

The answer lies in research – and it’s a key part of our vision.

Owensboro Cancer Research Program

Established as a joint venture between Owensboro Health and the University of Louisville’s James Graham Brown Cancer Center, the Owensboro Cancer Research Program has a deceptively simple goal: unlocking the potential of plant-based therapies.

In medical jargon, we focus on using plant-based expression systems to produce protein-based therapeutics and diagnostic reagents for clinical trials and commercial production. In simple terms, that means we’re finding ways to extract proteins and other chemicals from plants so we can turn them into accessible, affordable cancer treatments.

OCRP In The News

One example of our research success appeared in a prestigious academic journal in March 2009.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences featured research by Kenneth Palmer, Ph.D., touting a protein called

griffithsin, which binds sugar molecules on the surface of HIV, preventing the virus from infecting cells of the immune system.

HIV research is one of OCRP’s strategic initiatives because the virus increases an individual’s risk for cancer.

One of the current major research studies at OCRP is the development of a second-generation cervical cancer vaccine from tobacco plants. Vaccines like this will be both accessible and affordable to millions of women worldwide, from India to sub-Saharan Africa and across rural areas of the United States.

Other key projects underway at OCRP include:

  • Developing a plant-based vaccine to prevent HIV.
  • Understanding how changes in the calcium-signaling pathway of stem cells impacts the development and continued growth of lung cancer cells.
  • Determining whether the interaction of the heavy metal cadmium with tobacco-derived carcinogens contributes to the development of lung cancer in smokers.

Other recent accomplishments in cancer research include:

Current Faculty

Since our launch in 2007, OCRP has grown to 24 researchers, including eight Ph.D. scientists. Our current faculty members and their research interests are:

Keith Davis, Ph.D.

Professor and Executive Director Plant biotechnology and the improvement of plant-based protein expression and vaccine production, the development of the soy peptide lunasin as an anti-cancer agent and the role of cadmium in the initiation of lung cancer.

Kenneth Palmer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Development of a new plant-expressed HPV vaccine for cervical cancer, and development of a novel antiviral protein with broad activity against HIV and potential bioterrorism agents such as Ebola virus.


Uma Sankar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Regulation of hematopoitic stem cell development and blood-based cancers and identification of genes important for cancer stem cell survival.


Nobuyuki Matoba, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Development of plant-based HIV and cancer vaccines.

To learn more about the Owensboro Cancer Research Program, e-mail or call 270-688-3694 Executive Director, Keith Davis, Ph.D.

Clinical Trials

Through our active participation in important clinical trial networks, cancer patients in the Owensboro region can become involved in important research that could help change the way cancer is treated in the future.

Participants in cancer clinical trials receive world-class treatment – often with little or no financial cost. The trials are developed and managed through prestigious organizations across the country, including public and private universities, research foundations and pharmaceutical companies. 

Learn more about clinical trials offered at Owensboro Health.

Our network affiliations include Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Affiliation Network, Kentucky Clinical Trials Network and Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group.

For more information on participating in a clinical trial e-mail Judy Strobel or call 270-691-8094.

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