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Pastoral Care

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Pastoral Care ministers to the spiritual needs of patients, families, visitors and staff in collaboration with their own individual faith groups.

Recognizing the individual needs of those to whom we minister, we respect all religious beliefs and offer support and comfort in light of each person's own faith experience and religious heritage.

Pastoral Care will assist you in calling your minister or faith group upon request. Clergy of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to visit members of their own congregation.

Our services include:

Bereavement and Hope Through Healing Program

Should you experience a loss at our hospital, please know you are not alone. Hope Through Healing is designed to help you work through the bereavement process.

In Hope Through Healing, you will receive a series of special mailings to help you understand the various stages of grief you will experience. You will also have access to our team of specially trained clergy—with a wide range of faith backgrounds—for comfort and support.


If you're facing difficult decisions or emotions, our staff is ready to help. If you need advice, spiritual counsel, or just someone to listen, turn to us. 

  • Assisting patients/families in making informed decisions.
  • Supporting families and patients as they encounter grief,anger, guilt or other adverse feelings.
  • Suggesting lifestyle changes and new choices when deemed appropriate.

Employee Support

Healthcare professionals, you put your hearts on the line everyday, and sometimes, the rigors of this noble profession can leave you spiritually drained. Occasionally, circumstances arise that are especially difficult.

Our Pastoral Care staff is here for you, too.

  • Our chaplains visit each hospital unit on a daily basis.
  • Our specially trained debriefing team helps staff members who care for traumatized patients.
  • Through our Angel Tree program, hospital staff help make the holidays brighter for their peers and coworkers.

New Patient Visits

As a new patient at Owensboro Health, you can expect a visit from one of our pastoral care volunteers, who will confirm your religious affiliation.

This is an important step, as it helps us to coordinate your spiritual care with churches and ministers with whom you are already affiliated. 

Also, Eucharist ministers take communion to all in-house Catholic patients. If you do not have a religious affiliation or would rather not share it, please tell our volunteers.


  • Visiting patients upon request or as needed
  • Offering time and support to patients, families and staff
  • Pastoral Care Volunteers:
    • Initial visits to new patients to confirm their church status
    • Eucharistic ministers take communion to all in-house
  • Catholic patients

Prayer And Religious Services

We offer prayer, scripture reading, and religious services, and we can meet sacramental needs as well.


  • Offering the support of prayer and scripture
  • Providing for sacramental needs
  • Conducting religious services
  • Praying for surgery patients upon request or as needed.


Catholic Mass is offered on some Holy Days in the Mercy Chapel of Hope at the Pleasant Valley Campus. Memorial and Prayer Services available upon request. Seasonal worship services are held in the chapel.

Contact Us

Pastoral Care is here for you 24 hours a day when you need encouragement, hope or just someone to listen.  E-mail or call 270-417-2100.

Prayer Requests

Would you like our Pastoral Care staff to remember someone in prayer?

Fill out our confidential prayer request form to add your concern to our prayer list.

Our Staff

Our chaplains draw on varied faith backgrounds, extensive training, and compassionate hearts to provide spiritual support for patients, families and employees.

Meet our staff.

Our Services

Our pastoral care services provide hope and comfort for patients and families who are facing difficult spiritual and emotional issues.

Learn more about our services.

Chapel And Gardens

Need a peaceful setting for reflection and spiritual healing? Try one of our quiet spaces. 

Tour Our Chapel and Gardens.