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About Us

Owensboro Health Foundation, Inc. is a subsidiary of Owensboro Health, Inc.. Owensboro Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, partnering with individuals, businesses and other foundations to support a multitude of worthy health initiatives in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Since its inception, the Foundation has supported numerous Owensboro Health projects impacting the lives of the people in our region. In fiscal year 2016 (June 1, 2015 – May 31, 2016), 5,031 of our family members, friends and neighbors benefited through the following funded programs (numbers in parentheses indicate number of individuals served through each program):

Baby Boxes For Infants In Need

Provides baby essentials for new mothers to get them through their first few days at home from the hospital. (76)

Bereavement Gowns

Provides hand sewn infant bereavement gowns to expectant families who suffer the loss of their child. (30)

Breast Cancer Assistance Fund

Provides financial assistance to breast cancer patients who cannot afford specialty bras and/or medicines needed for controlling or relieving symptoms. (1)

Camp Wheeze Away

An educational day camp provided for children with asthma. (23)

Car Seat Assistance Program

The Car Seat Assistance Program provides free car seats to families in need. (44)

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*Please note, proof of income is required.

Care Bears For Kids

Provides teddy bears to comfort children admitted to the Owensboro Health emergency department, surgery or pediatrics. (2,270)

Dr. Scott E. Gaines Scholarship Fund

Provides scholarships for college-bound students from Hopkins County. (6)

Healthpark Run For Your Life

The Healthpark Run for Your Life, kids fun run. (327)


Helping Our People in Emergencies,” provides financial, emotional, and spiritual support to employees of Owensboro Health facing crises and emergency situations. (42)

Lifeline Program

Monitoring devices for the elderly and low-income. (20)


Provides a combination of education, nutrition, complementary service, rehabilitation, exercise, and support group services for cancer survivors. (171)

Mammograms For Life

Provides free breast health services (including screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, MRIs and pathology) to medically underserved women. (101)

Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Medication Fund

Provides financial assistance to cancer patients who cannot afford the medicines needed for controlling or relieving symptoms. (28)

Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center Transportation Fund

A fund that provides mileage reimbursement to low-income cancer patients who must travel to the cancer center multiple times per week for treatment (238), as well as another fund that provides mileage reimbursement to working poor or retired cancer patients who worked until their cancer diagnosis and must travel to the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center multiple times per week for treatment. (131)

NICU Monitors

Equipping two additional rooms in the Owensboro Health Regional Hospital NICU with specialized equipment to match the pace, unique needs and critical nature of the unit. (52)


Equipping all 20 of the licensed level III NICU single-family rooms at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital with a camera at each isolette and a secure web-based video stream so that parents and family members can see their NICU babies from any device connected to the Internet. (294)

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Owensboro Cancer Research Program Internship

Provides a ten-week internship for pre-med/dental candidates to work alongside doctors and scientists on cutting edge, plant-based cancer research. (2)

Owensboro Health Hospitality Suites

Provides a temporary home away from home for families experiencing a medical crisis. (708)

Those wanting to reserve a suite for use should call 270-417-3120 to book a suite.

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Oncology Conference

Annual educational event for medical professionals that provides information and updates on trends in staging, diagnosis and treatments of predominant cancers in our area. (33)

Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

Provides information, support and activities for those affected by Parkinson's Disease and their families. (264)

Power Up Kidz

A fitness and nutrition program designed specifically to teach children, ages 8-12, who are under-active and/or overweight to develop healthy habits. (25)

Pulmonary Rehab Phase III

Provides treatment for patients with chronic lung ailments (142)

Touched By Cancer Scholarship

Provides scholarships for college-bound cancer survivors diagnosed before 21 years of age. (3)

Vicki M. Stogsdill Nursing Award

Provides a merit-based financial award for students completing a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) through the University of Louisville School of Nursing-Owensboro

Learn more or apply for the Vicki M. Stogsdill award.

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To schedule a private consultation e-mail or call 270-688-2113.

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Owensboro Health Foundation relies on the generous support of the community to sustain long-term health initiatives.

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Our Mission

The mission of Owensboro Health Foundation is to develop volunteerism and philanthropy to heal the sick and improve the health of the communities we serve.