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Dr. Scott E. Gaines Scholarship Fund

Dr. Scott E. Gaines

Dr. Scott Gaines was a pillar of our community. He believed in family,
leadership, and especially "his people" of Hopkins County.

When he completed his medical training, he chose to return to his hometown to serve and better it. His the vision was this community. He used his skills to better the medical community and the greater community as a whole.

Dr. Gaines had the vision to improve healthcare in the region. Just as earlier medical leaders gathered to form Trover Clinic, he had a vision, to further access to care in Hopkins County, especially through primary care, which was not a focus at that time. This led to the formation of Multicare Specialists and expanded choice in health care service for our region. Through Owensboro Health, these expanded two in healthcare remain.

Dr. Gaines was a natural leader, who inspired those around him to be better healthcare providers and people. He was a wonderful teacher to whom many health care professionals owe a debt of gratitude for the training he provided. His “students” provide quality health care throughout this region of our country. Dr. Gaines loved his patients, and they certainly loved him.

He exemplified what it meant to be faithful to family, workplace, and community. His legacy lives on in all that he has touched. This scholarship allows his legacy to live on A copy future generations.

Two $2500 scholarships will be awarded in May. Each student will receive $1250 per semester in the 2017-18 during the academic year.

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