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Visit our Community Health Needs Assessment page to read reports with an overview of the health needs and priorities in Daviess County and Muhlenberg County.

2017 Community Health Investment Grant Program Recipients

The Community Health Investment grants, announced Thursday, August 10, 2017, at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, will support 38 projects run by 34 different organizations. The funds will also support ongoing commitments and partnerships with additional potential reach. The projects funded serve people of all ages, including direct services and youth health education, tobacco and substance abuse, research, and programs for older adults.

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Human Service Organizations

American Heart Association

Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice: EmPowered to Serve Owensboro

A partnership with area churches and the Owensboro Housing Authority addressing blood pressure management, physical activity, nutrition and CPR training in our communities.


Apollo High School Health and Physical Education Department                  

Apollo Functional Fitness

A functional fitness program with Apollo students, staff and families; will be integrated into school curriculum with outcome measurements.


Audubon Area Community Services, Inc. / Owensboro Regional Recovery

Making a Healthy Transition

A program allowing clients at ORR, a 100-bed Recovery Kentucky men’s substance abuse facility, to learn about health risk factors of smoking and other tobacco use, strategies and options for quitting and offers incentives for those who choose to be tobacco free.


 Boulware Mission                                                                                       

Women’s Public Substance Abuse Treatment Program

This program will concentrate on the unique challenges and needs that women in addiction face.  This program will offer participants the ability to live at home while going through a licensed treatment program.  


CASA of the Ohio Valley                                                                             

Breaking the Cycle – Trauma-Informed Community / School Project

A collaboration of child-advocacy organizations, the project will address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) research creating a pilot program for creating trauma-informed schools in the Owensboro Public School System: staff training, parent classes, a sensory safe room, materials, and supplies.


Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club                                                                   

Butting Out, Start SMART and Escaping the Vape

Funding for three programs: Butting Out / SMART Kids (ages 6-9), Start SMART (ages 10-12) and Escaping the Vape (e-cig prevention for ages 12-18). 


Community Dental Clinic                                                                          

Accessibility to Care and Education Expansion Project

Oral healthcare for the uninsured / Medicaid population (adults and children) and elementary school dental screenings.


Father Bradley Shelter for Women and Children                                 

Sleep Tight!  Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Funding will replace mattresses and bed frames to reduce the risk of head lice outbreaks for the Henderson County School System. 


Friends of Sinners                                                                                       

Client Tracking Database

Computer software needed for client database and tracking purposes.


Girls, Inc. of Owensboro Daviess County                                              

Environ-Mentally Strong

The Environ-Mentally Strong program will provide interventions for girls ages 6 - 11 exhibiting issues of stress and/or mental health diagnosis.


Greater Owensboro Young Life                                                                

Lead Through Mentoring

The program goal is to address and impact many of the root causes of substance abuse / use, binge drinking, obesity and the emotional effects of children in single parent homes by training and deploying adult Young Life leaders into the schools to build mentoring relationships with students.


Green River District Health Department                                                

Daviess County Community Access Project (DC-CAP)

DC-CAP helps individuals gain access to prescription assistance, Medicaid and insurance enrollment, navigation assistance, encouraging regular primary care visits and smoking cessation resources.


Green River District Health Department                                                

Teen Outreach Program

 The TOP program teaches teens positive life skills and encourages healthy behaviors and is implemented in Owensboro Public Schools and Daviess County Public Schools.


 Green River District Health Department                                              

Quit Now Kentucky Promotion

The Quit Now Kentucky program promotion will provide nicotine replacement therapy products and evidence-based telephone counseling for tobacco users, increasing the chance for successful cessation.


 Hospice of Western Kentucky                                                   

Palliative Care Program- Phase II

An expansion of in-home Community Palliative Care Program focusing on and using clinical pathways for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure (CHF). 


MentorKids Kentucky                                                                 

Mentoring Program

A project to educate and empower the at-risk youth served by their program, as well as their families and volunteer mentors, regarding the use of tobacco products.


Munday Activity Center, Inc.                                                     

Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives for Seniors (P.E.A.R.L.S.) Program

P.E.A.R.L.S. is an evidence-based program to identify and address mild to moderate depression and anxiety in homebound seniors, age 60 and over.  P.E.A.R.L.S. program coordinator recently awarded at the Optimal Aging Conference.


New Beginnings Sexual Assault Support Services                              

Child Centered Play Therapy

Intensive skill- based training on Play Therapy.  This training will offer continuing education hours and will be open to all providers in our community.


Owensboro Public Schools                                                         

Lifesavers: Automated External Defibrillators Accessibility

Funding for 12 automated external defibrillators (A.E.D.s) for 12 school locations. Note: Per grantee requirements, the OPS Board has approved a District comprehensive tobacco policy.


Owensboro Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition, Inc.                

Community, Business, and Professional Awareness Campaign

Funding for a community, business and professional suicide prevention awareness campaign and continuing education.


Project C.A.M.P. Inc. (dba: The Center for Courageous Kids)        

Camp Experience for Seriously Ill Children

This program allows children with medical needs to participate in a camp experience providing condition-specific care, education, recreation, exercise, nutrition and opportunities to increase self-esteem.


Puzzle Pieces, Inc.                                                                    

Project D.R.E.A.M.

The Indoor Active Sensory Park will allow clients to be active and engaged in movement year-round in an environment that meets their overall sensory and accessibility needs. Recognized as a model project by the University of Kentucky and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


The Way of Rockport Indiana, Inc.                                               

Substance Abuse and Smoke-Free Program

Funding to support the "Breaking Free from Tobacco Use" study with the Celebrate Recovery program.


Tri-State Food Bank, Inc.                                                          

Mobile Pantries

A pilot project with mobile food pantries for residents with limited resources and access.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation                                       

Socially-Responsible Marketing Campaign to Increase Lung Cancer Screening Awareness 

This research project seeks to reduce the burden of lung cancer by supporting socially responsible community awareness of lung cancer screening without the use of persuasive approaches that have been demonstrated to undermine patient engagement and further stigmatize individuals at risk for lung cancer.


Western Kentucky University Research Foundation                      

Bingocize ®

This research project will facilitate intergenerational and interagency partnerships among the older adult, university students, and the facilities' staff.  Together, each of these stakeholders will work together to offer a twice-weekly Bingocize® program at three different facilities in the Owensboro Health Muhlenberg County service area.


Arts & Culture Organizations

International Bluegrass Music Museum                                       

ROMP 2018 Supporting Community Outreach Programming

Funding for 15th annual ROMP festival will take place June 2018.  All funds raised are used for community and school arts education and outreach.


Owensboro Dance Theatre                                                        

In Concert / Dance for Wellness

The Dance for Wellness Project focuses on four programs: Rising Stars - Special Needs Dance Therapy program, Dance/Movement/L.E.A.N. program, Parkinson's Dance Program and In Concert.


Owensboro Museum of Fine Art                                                 

Riverartes III: The Art of Placemaking

Riverartes III is a revolving showcase of leased public art by sculptors of international, national and regional prominence designed to celebrate the vitality of Owensboro and Daviess County, enhance its placemaking efforts, establish it as a culture tourism destination and enrich the lives of residents and visitors.


Owensboro Museum of Science & History                                       

"HOP" and "Discover Owensboro, Discover the World"

"HOP" (Health Owensboro Program) to address healthy eating and obesity, in partnership with the GRDHD and "Discover Owensboro - Discover the World" science and general learning program to assist students with science and math literacy.


Owensboro Symphony Orchestra                                               

Music “On Call" Community Engagement Program

This program will provide more than 50 diverse musical programs enhancing the quality of life for people of all ages who may not be able to unlikely be able to experience a performance in a traditional concert setting.


RiverPark Center                                                                      

2017-2018 Broadway Series with Pay What You Can Program

The "Pay What You Can" program reduces financial barriers by offering tickets to see a Broadway series production to those with limited resources who would otherwise not be able to see a performance. The program has served foster care families, Mary Kendall Home residents, Habitat for Humanity homeowners, senior, minority and special needs populations.


 Theatre Workshop of Owensboro                                                

Safe Space - Empress Backstage Renovation

The Safe Space project involves the renovation of the Empress backstage area. 


Community Support / Partnerships

DCPS and OCTC Community Campus                                                     

Life Science Academy

LSA is working to educate and train high school students pursuing careers in healthcare to fill present and future healthcare workforce shortages.


Supplies Over Seas                                                                                    

Hospital Recycling Partnership

SOS recovers recycles, repurposes and redirects medical supplies from our region.  Their efforts and supplies serve local mission groups, clinics and students, and they serve as both a national and international resource for medical supplies.


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The Owensboro Health Community Benefit program provides financial assistance to designated nonprofit organizations, governmental or public entities who are working to address identified community health priorities based on their local community health needs assessments and/or community health improvement plans.

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