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Michelle Kavanaugh

Michelle Kavanaugh, RN, BSN
Email: Michelle.Kavanaugh

Areas of expertise

  • Educational Assistance Program
  • Last Semester Tuition Reimbursement
  • Nursing Professional Advancement Program
  • Nurse Residency Program

LeAnne Mann

LeAnne Mann
Email: Leanne.Mann

Areas of expertise

  • Bariatrics
  • Call Center
  • Cardiac Services (including Critical Care)
  • Case Management
  • Clinical Support
  • Maternity Services
  • Pastoral Care
  • Quality & Patient Safety
  • Surgical Services

Nolan Wimsatt

Nolan Wimsatt
Email: Nolan.Wimsatt

Areas of expertise

  • Emergency Department
  • Behavioral Health
  • Extended Care Services
  • Medical-Surgical Services
  • Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center
  • Observation Medical
  • Wound Healing

Nursing Careers

As a nurse, you can improve patients’ lives by working at Owensboro Health. Here, you’ll grow professionally and personally as part of a supportive, collaborative team dedicated to making a difference.

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How Owensboro Health Benefits You

Develop your nursing career at Owensboro Health and enjoy benefits such as:

OHMCH nurse with patient

  • The opportunity to specialize in an area of care and do limited floating, multidisciplinary work
  • An enhanced nursing experience, including decentralized nursing and room designs that make your job easier
  • Collaboration hubs that foster a supportive team approach to patient care
  • A low patient-to-nurse ratio of 5:1, on average, which means you can devote more time to each patient
  • Shift differentials (up to 18 percent extra compensation)
  • Weekend differential ($1 more per hour)

Pay Differentials:

  • 2nd Shift – 10% of base rate
  • 3rd Shift – 15% of base rate
  • Weekend Differential – Additional $1.00 on base rate of pay
  • Weekend Option Differential – Additional 18% (included in base rate of pay)

**Team members may qualify for multiple pay differentials dependent upon position and hours worked**

View additional benefits of working at Owensboro Health.

Nurse Residency Program

This program prepares new registered nurse graduates to provide the highest quality care throughout their first year working at Owensboro Health. Learn more about joining the Nurse Residency Program.

Nursing Professional Advancement Program

The Nursing Professional Advancement Program at Owensboro Health offers bedside registered nurses and nursing supervisors a chance to grow their skills, earn additional pay and be recognized for their efforts to excel.

The program is structured around four levels of achievement; with each level requiring additional activities and accomplishments. For every level achieved, participants earn an additional $1.00 per hour on their base rate of pay (up to $4 per hour, for those who reach Level IV). Program levels are valid for one year. Participants may prepare for advancement to the next level at any time.

Your Voice Matters

You’ll play an active role in improving patient care at Owensboro Health thanks to our:OHRH nurse in hallway

  • Shared governance model, which invites you to help make decisions that affect your work
  • Multidisciplinary rounds, where you assess patient progress and develop goals with a diverse team of medical professionals
  • Unit Performance Improvement Council (UPIC), a group in every department that helps shape nursing staff structure and enhance nursing quality
  • Pride Team, which coordinates activities such as National Nurses Week celebrations

Rewards & Recognition

  • Education Benefit Program- Up to the maximum allowed by the IRS ($5,250) per calendar year
  • Nursing Professional Advancement Program (NPAP)
  • Nursing Residency

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