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As a nurse, you can improve patients’ lives by working at Owensboro Health. Here, you’ll grow professionally and personally as part of a supportive, collaborative team dedicated to making a difference.

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How Owensboro Health Benefits You

Develop your nursing career at Owensboro Health and enjoy benefits such as:

  • The opportunity to specialize in an area of care and do limited floating, multidisciplinary work
  • An enhanced nursing experience, including decentralized nursing and room designs that make your job easier
  • Collaboration hubs that foster a supportive team approach to patient care
  • A low patient-to-nurse ratio of 5:1, on average, which means you can devote more time to each patient
  • Shift differentials (up to 18 percent extra compensation)
  • Weekend differential ($1 more per hour)

Pay Differentials:

  • 2nd Shift – 10% of base rate
  • 3rd Shift – 15% of base rate
  • Weekend Differential – Additional $1.00 on base rate of pay
  • Weekend Option Differential – Additional 18% (included in base rate of pay)

**Team members may qualify for multiple pay differentials dependent upon position and hours worked**

View additional benefits of working at Owensboro Health.

Your Voice Matters

You’ll play an active role in improving patient care at Owensboro Health thanks to our:

  • Shared governance model, which invites you to help make decisions that affect your work
  • Multidisciplinary rounds, where you assess patient progress and develop goals with a diverse team of medical professionals
  • Unit Performance Improvement Council (UPIC), a group in every department that helps shape nursing staff structure and enhance nursing quality
  • Pride Team, which coordinates activities such as National Nurses Week celebrations

Rewards & Recognition

  • Education Benefit Program- Up to the maximum allowed by the IRS ($5,250) per calendar year
  • Nursing Professional Advancement Program (NPAP)
  • Nursing Residency

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