Owensboro Health Foundation-Internal Funding Requests

Please note: Internal funding requests from this page are applicable to Owensboro Health employees only. Requests for funding from Owensboro Health Foundation must be made by manager level or above and must meet the following criteria:

Grants from the unrestricted fund will be made for those projects, programs or equipment which advance the services of the health system and contribute to quality care, patient or staff safety and satisfaction, and shall be aligned with the health needs identified by the Community Health Needs Assessment and the strategic goals of Owensboro Health.


1. Requests can only be submitted by Owensboro Health entities, departments, representatives. The Foundation is a supporting foundation of Owensboro Health, and its purpose is to provide funding for the health system to further its mission. External agencies should seek funding from the Owensboro Health Community Benefit Program.

2. The Foundation gives preference to the following:

  • Programs and services that contribute to the improvement of patient care and health in the communities we serve
  • Programs and services that introduce new and improved technology for Owensboro Health Regional Hospital or the health system
  • Programs and services that support healthcare events and educational programs that improve quality of care for our patients and the health of our communities

3. The Foundation sets forth the following restrictions:

  • No grant funds shall be used in any way other than specifically set forth in the approved grant application without the prior written approval of the Foundation.
  • No grant funds shall be used to employ personnel.
  • No grant funds shall be used for travel or education of individual personnel.
  • All funds which are not used exclusively for the purpose of the grant shall be repaid to the Foundation.
  • Owensboro Health Foundation will be given recognition as a contributor to the project. Any publication concerning a project financed by the Foundation should bear the Foundation logo and noted as "funded by a grant from Owensboro Health Foundation."


  • All requests should be made by completing the Foundation Grant Request Application. Click here to access the form.
  • All applicants should be a member of Owensboro Health management, and have approval of their vice-president or chief.
  • All requests will be reviewed by a designated Grant Review Committee, comprised of the Foundation Board’s Executive Committee members. Requests over $10,000 will be reviewed first by the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee to determine appropriateness, and then submitted to the full board for consideration. Some requests may require a presentation to the board.
  • All requests must allow 30-45 days for full Board consideration.


All applicants will receive written notification, either by letter or email, regarding the status of their request.


The Foundation shall be notified in writing as to the successful completion of the grant project and the details, including number of people involved and the impact on their lives.

The Foundation shall develop internal guidelines to assess the success of each grant and its impact on healing the sick and improving the health of the communities we serve.

Click here to access the form.