Partnership of Caring Business Program

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Thank you for your interest in Owensboro Health Partnership of Caring Business Program (PCBP). Program details and requirements are outlined below. Click here for the application form.

Program Information

Under the PCBP, participating businesses will provide discounts to Owensboro Health employees in recognition of those employees’ service to the community as caregivers and employees of a charitable health care organization. This program is for all Owensboro Health employees. This program also includes the employees of our contracted service companies. To thank you for your participation, Owensboro Health will list your business as a participant in our PCBP directory along with the terms of your discount. This information will be provided to Owensboro Health employees, who can only take advantage of applicable discounts if they have and present to you at the time of purchase a valid Owensboro Health ID badge. Owensboro Health shall not be responsible for any erroneously provided or fraudulently obtained discount.

Program Rules and Conditions

  • Owensboro Health may accept or reject an application of a business to be a participant in the PCBP in its sole discretion. It also reserves the right to terminate a business as a recognized participant in the PCBP at any time for any reason, including a negative Better Business Bureau report or repeated complaints from Owensboro Health’s employees. Owensboro Health makes no representation regarding the patronage of its employees and will not instruct or direct its employees to purchase goods or services from any business as part of this program. In addition, Owensboro Health will not endorse any business or the quality of products or services provided by the PCBP participating businesses.
  • Health care providers and/or suppliers or businesses of the kind that provide federally-reimbursable health care items or services (e.g. medical equipment/supply shops, physicians, etc.) may not be PCBP participants. Sales of pharmaceuticals shall not qualify for discounts, nor shall any copayment or coinsurance under any federal or private health care insurance program. In addition, participating businesses should not offer or provide discounts for any goods or services to the extent that such a discount is prohibited by law, and nothing in the PCBP is intended to encourage or request any such discounts.
  • Owensboro Health has the right to deny vendor participation based on the Owensboro Health mission: to heal the sick and to improve the health of our community. The opportunity to participate in this program is only offered to vendors that fall within specified categories identified by the Partnership of Caring Committee, which may be changed from time to time.
  • A participating business’ discount or offer shall not be tied, directly or indirectly, to the order or purchase of any item or service by Owensboro Health, including items or services covered by a federal health care program. In other words, a business shall not condition its discount on doing business with Owensboro Health. By the same token, Owensboro Health will not consider whether a business is a participant in the PCBP in awarding or renewing contracts, purchasing items or services, or making referrals of patients.
  • The PCBP will feature only products and services carrying a 10% minimum discount (for an annual commitment) or in lieu of the 10% discount an offer that is comparable (EXAMPLE: buy one item get one free) or 20% minimum discount (for a limited time only or time sensitive discount).
  • A participating business may not condition a discount for one product on the purchase of another product unless those products are identical (buy one get one free). This simply means, for example, that the purchase of shampoo cannot be a condition to eligibility for a discount on the purchase of deodorant.
  • The PCBP does not allow participating businesses access to Owensboro Health employees other than through Owensboro Health’s directory listing described above, and participating businesses are not granted any right to solicit Owensboro Health employees through Owensboro Health’s email system, Owensboro Health’s Internet service, Owensboro Health’s webpage or on Owensboro Health’s campus, although participating businesses may otherwise publicize through their own means and resources their participation in the PCBP, so long as it such publication is accurate. In addition, whether or not a business chooses to participate in the PCBP and the amount of any discount offered thereunder, shall be in the discretion of the business and shall be communicated to the person described above and to the Partnership of Caring Committee. Employees should not approach businesses separately and request or demand discounts, and any violation of this policy should be brought to the attention of Human Resources at

Requirements for Recognition

All submissions for discounts for products and services must include a contact name and phone number, to be included in the PCBP directory. If a product or service discount is time sensitive or otherwise limited (discount available for less than one calendar year), that information must be disclosed.

Owensboro Health reserves the right to cease or modify this program at any time in its sole discretion.

How to Become a Participant

If you wish to participate, please complete the online application form. We will notify you in writing when your offer is to become effective. If you have any questions please contact the Engagement Team at or call at 270-685-7700.