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Healthpark Expert Spotlight

Meet Seth Sharp, Head Coach and Project Manager

Seth SharpSeth Sharp is no stranger to the Owensboro Health Healthpark, but is new to his role as Head Coach and Project Manager for the Parisi Speed School. Seth is a seasoned trainer who has participated in organized sports for 20 years, including playing two seasons for the Kentucky Wesleyan baseball team. He has a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, a personal training certification with National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and is a certified coach with Parisi.

Sharp says that training develops athlete’s responsibility, self-confidence, respect and humility. “Being a part of advanced training for so many years helped me achieve one of my personal goals of playing a sport in college,” Sharp said. “The countless hours spent on the field and in the gym with coaches is what developed me into the athlete I am today.”

Parisi Speed Schools are well known across the US for offering advanced training programs and the latest research on speed and performance training from young athletes to professionals. “I am excited to deliver this training to young athletes who aspire to be successful on and off the field,” said Sharp.

Meet Logan Mattingly, Personal Trainer

Logan MattinglyLogan’s fitness background began as an athlete at the age of five. Initially he participated in baseball and basketball. At a young age he was drawn to the sport of motocross. Logan received his first motorcycle at the age of five, and would go on to compete across the country for sixteen years. The sport tested his abilities on all levels, forcing Logan into strengthening his fitness capacity in order to excel. Like other activities, it was an athletic genre that could be hampered by injuries. Logan did experience multiple injuries over the years. The hardships would be a blessing in a sense, and ultimately forced him to work around ailments in the weight room. Logan’s own experience and hard work would provide him with knowledge and processes that eventually led him to want to help others with similar circumstances; regardless of how they obtained their injuries. Although Logan isn’t currently competing on the scale he once was, he still attempts to bring the same enthusiasm to the fitness enthusiasts he encounters. “I strive to encourage, inspire, and garner significant results with my clients over the course of working with them,” Logan said.

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