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Healthpark Expert Spotlight

Persevering Regardless of the Circumstances 

Chances are you have seen Dyan around the Healthpark. A member since July 2006, Dyan is committed to a healthy lifestyle and exercise is a big part of that commitment. She can be found in a cycling class, strength training on the second floor, swimming laps in the pool, or running in the Healthpark’s surrounding neighborhoods. Because she likes to test her fitness, Dyan is a triathlete and has completed numerous endurance events from triathlons, road races, bike tours and more. Always looking for the next race, Dyan had been eyeing the Crystal River Triathlon in Florida. However, COVID19 has altered and put a stop to many events, not to mention the constant safety concerns that have to be taken into account. Because of this, Dyan stopped considering this race… but she didn’t stop considering!

Not to be stopped, Dyan came up with the idea to do her own triathlon right here – homemade! A fellow athlete and friend of Dyan is Madonna Kullman, lifeguard at the Healthpark. Dyan shared her intentions with Madonna and like a good friend does – she volunteered to do it with her! So, on a normal old weekday (Thursday, September 3) they both did a not-so-normal thing. At 7:30 a.m., the imaginary starting signal went off and the triathlon began in the Healthpark pool. The 800-yard swim, 21-mile bike ride, and 5K run was off and running (or swimming!). However, adversity was not finished! You may not recall but we had quite a bit of rain the night before. So much so that as Dyan and Madonna were on their bike ride they encountered some water covered roadways. This was not so much a danger to cross but, nonetheless, it would still be enough to stop a normal training ride and have you turning back. Not these two, though! They would not be stopped and they walked their bikes through the water and pushed on! After the ride, they ran the 3.1 miles to a silent finish line and personal victory.

Dyan and Madonna can teach us a good lesson. COVID19 has interrupted ALL of our lives at many different levels but they found a way to push ahead. Their desire to do an activity they love just had to find a different way and a different means to happen. Instead of giving in to “one more thing I can’t do” their attitude was to smile and say “I’ll make another way!” Let this be a lesson to all of us to persevere and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don’t automatically give in if things don’t go perfectly or even normally. Be resolute in your determination and find a way.

Oh, and by the way … if you see Dyan or Madonna at the Healthpark, please be sure to congratulate them!

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