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Parisi Speed School

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Parisi Speed School is officially at the Healthpark! We are excited to bring Parisi Youth Training Systems – the leader in safe youth sport performance training – to the Healthpark. The program focuses on improving an athlete’s overall athletic foundation – speed, agility and strength – and providing them with programming and certified sports performance coaches to help reduce the risk of injury. This improves performance on the field and increases confidence and self-esteem off of it.

Parisi Speed Schools have been in operation for more than 25 years and have collectively trained athletes from middle school through the professional levels, including first round draft picks in every major sport. This program is available for kids ages 7 and up. We also have programming for kids who may not be involved in athletics but recognize the benefits of being physically active.

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Our programs use the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as its foundation. We help athletes improve their overall speed, increase total body strength, develop proper techniques, decrease recovery time and reduce risk of injury. Parisi-coached athletes learn good habits, become more aware of what impacts performance and build mental toughness.

Jump Start

Helps any young athlete age 7 to 12 develop an athletic foundation of skills, helping them get faster and stronger to use above the competition. Our signature speed and strength methods are serious but taught in a way that keeps the athletes motivated and engaged.

Total Performance

For ages 12 to 15, the Parisi signature speed and strength methods produce maximum improvements in athletic performance. Programming is broken down into an individual focus per session: linear speed, change of direction and strength.

Elite Sports Performance

This program, for ages 14 to 22, transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ablity. At this level, athletes focus on the regression and progression of our signature speed-training methods and individualized strength training.

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