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Make Your Calendar! We will be featuring a new FREE Walk with a Doc event on the third Thursday of each month starting at 5:30pm!

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Rogue Room

For intense exercise, take a class in the Rogue Room at Healthpark. Challenge your muscles and endurance with a variety of activities involving Olympic weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and other equipment. Your class will include no more than eight participants, so you’ll get close, personal guidance from an expert trainer.

Things To Know

  • Classes are only for ages 16 and up
  • Classes are limited to 10 participants
  • You must register for classes (see the front desk)
  • Only one class per 24 hours can be reserved at a time
  • Rogue is FREE for Healthpark members
  • Non-members may attend a class as a guest for a $5 fee

Meet The Rogue Room Instructors

Instructors & Credentials

Sarah Cunnagin

ACE Personal Trainer

Fitness Tech

Rebekah Kline

Fitness Tech/Personal Trainer

B.A. Physical Education

NASM Personal Trainer

CrossFit Level 1

Charles Pettigrew

Fitness Tech/Personal Trainer

ACE Personal Trainer

Rogue Room Classes

Enjoy all of the following Rogue Room classes for free if you’re a Healthpark member. If you’re not yet a member, join a class for $5 after getting a Healthpark guest pass or day pass.

HIIT Bootcamp

Enjoy short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) coupled with select strength training moves to provide the most beneficial workout in a single class. Every workout can be scaled to your fitness level.

Power 45

Get 45 minutes of intense power movements, cardio, core work and flexibility exercises. No workout is ever the same! Exercise variations and modifications keep your body guessing what’s next.

Saturday Sweatshop

Each Saturday, your workout will be different so neither you nor your muscles get bored! Functional movements and high-intensity intervals will make sure you keep burning calories, even after class.

Triple Threat

Get cardiovascular, strength and core training in 20-minute segments. Make the most of your workout in the least amount of time!

Rogue Room Equipment

If you’re a Healthpark member at least 16 years old, work out in the Rogue Room with its equipment at your convenience. Just wait until 15 minutes after a class ends to enter the room, and exit 15 minutes before a class starts.

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Target Heart Rate Calculator

During exercise, you want to elevate your heart rate to strengthen your heart while avoiding rates that endanger it.

Use our Target Heart Rate Calculator to find the safe heart rate for people your age during exercise. If you're beginning an exercise program, aim for the low end of this range. If you’ve been exercising for a while, you can aim for a higher target rate.