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Pain Management

The Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital staff is committed to making patient treatment and care as comfortable as possible. To help our nursing staff accurately assess pain, we request that patients rate the severity of their pain using the pain scale below. A "0" (zero) means that no pain is present; a "10" (ten) indicates the intensity of the pain present is the worst ever experienced. Using these reference points, a patient should score pain often and establish a pain goal. A pain goal is the level of pain patients are able to handle and still perform activities necessary for recovery, such as walking, turning, bathing, deep breathing and coughing.
As patients approach their pain goal, they should ask their healthcare provider to take steps to relieve pain. Families may be requested to help set pain goals for small children or patients unable to communicate these goals.

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital Clinical Staff offers the following

  • A pain scale to assess your pain.
  • Assistance in establishing a pain goal to manage pain
  • Medication and other measures of comfort ordered by your physician
  • Information about using pain medications for pain relief.

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