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Published on March 02, 2015

New Kids Fun Fitness Challenge Going On Now!

Did you know...

In 2012, more than one third of children were overweight or obese.  Most children between the ages of 8 – 18 spend 7.5 hours of their day using some form of electronic entertainment? Or that, 4.5 hours of that time is spent watching television? 

These types of early learned behaviors are a contributing factor in the state of Kentucky ranking 8th in the nation for childhood obesity, according to the Center for Disease Control.

The good news?

Obesity is both treatable and manageable.  Find a Pediatrician


The Playpark Fun Fitness Challenge is an exciting eight week program for youngsters designed with one goal:  To inspire your child to make healthy life choices by promoting an active daily routine.

Your child’s progress will be tacked by a chart posted within the Playpark, so remember at pick-up time, be sure to encourage your kiddos to share each of their achievements with you!

The challenge does not stop there!  Weekly health tip "trading cards" will be sent home with your child as well as an interactive Bingo Game Card with tracking stickers that, once completed, can be returned to the Playpark for a healthy reward!

At the end of the program, each child who has participated in the Fun Fitness Challenge will receive a FREE t-shirt!

The Fun Fitness Challenge is specially designed for children whose parents are Healthpark members, ages 2 - 11 and the program is included in the regular $3.50 child care fee.

For more information about the program you can the Playpark at 270-688-4775.

List of Activities

Week 1 – (3/2 – 3/7)

Relay Race, also known as a “Shuttle Run”

Week 2 (3/9 – 3/14)

Dancing to a Song – Think of “Father Abraham had many sons”

Week 3 – (3/16 – 3/21)

Roll the Dice Games – One “Dice” will have pictures of animals while the other "Dice" will list an activity to be "acted out" as the animal

Week 4 – (3/23 – 3/28)

Parachute Games

Week 5 – (3/30 – 4/4)

Dance Video Fun – Think “Simon Says”

SPRING BREAK WEEK – (4/6 – 4/10)

Will be a review of activities from the previous five weeks 

Week 6 – (4/13 – 4/18)

Balloon Fun - Balloon Tennis, Popping Bubbles, Bubble Wrap Jumping - Oh My!

Week 7 – (4/20 – 4/25)

Minute to Win It – Stopwatch timed games

Week 8 – (4/27 – 5/1)

Final Relay Race

About the Healthpark

Owensboro Health’s Healthpark is dedicated to keeping you feeling your best. We offer wellness programs to develop and maintain better overall health in mind, body and spirit. Inside our 110,000 square-foot facility, you’ll also find outpatient diagnostic resources, outpatient therapy, a health and fitness center, health resource center, chapel and more.

Our Healthpark team includes nurses, dietitians, certified personal trainers, fitness instructors, therapists, counselors, licensed massage therapists and more, giving you access to wellness expertise in the gym and beyond.

Let Healthpark be your comprehensive health resource.

Healthy Numbers for Kentucky Families

5 - Eat 5 or More Friuts and Vegetables Every Day

Fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables all count!

  • Wash and chop fruits and veggies so they are ready to eat.
  • Put them in sight! A bowl of fruit on the table is a great reminder to eat fruit!
  • Low-fat Ranch dressing with carrots, yogurt with fruit and peanut butter with apples and celery make great snacks.
  • Show them how it is done! When parents eat fruits and veggies for snacks and meals, kids will too.

2 - Two Hours or Less of Screen Time

Screen time includes TV, computers, cell phones and hand-held games. It is important to keep them all in check!

  • The more screen time children engage in, the more likely they are to be overweight.
  • TV and other interactive media can get in the way of exploring, playing and interacting with others.
  • Pick what shows you are going to watch ahead of time. Do not leave the TV on all day.
  • No screen time for children under two. No more than one hour for children between the ages of 2-5 years old.

1 - One Hour or More of Physical Activity

Play every day, any way, to keep both the body and brain fit!

  • Teach your children the games you played as a kid.
  • Hula hoops, sponge balls and bats, and space for playing can keep your family active, rain or shine.
  • Let children play outside so they can run, jump, skip and be in nature.
  • Give gifts that promote physical activity.

0 - Zero Sweetened Beverages

Sweet drinks pour on the pounds. Water first!

  • No other single food or beverage contributes to obesity like sweetened beverages do. This includes soda, sport drinks, pouches, ades and energy drinks.
  • Though juice contains natural sugar, it has a lot of calories and few nutrients. Dilute it with water. Choose whole fruit over juice.
  • Have a pitcher of water in the fridge. Bring reusable water bottles with you wherever you go. Serve water at every meal.
  • Choose water at restaurants to save money and calories, if you do get a sweet drink, do not get a refill.

Learn More about Kentucky healthy numbers.