Published on July 12, 2017

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital Staff Member Named High School Athletic Trainer Of The Year

A staff member at Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital has earned statewide recognition, being named Kentucky’s High School Athletic Trainer of the Year.

Ray Carroll was nominated for the Kentucky Athletic Trainers’ Society award by Owensboro Health Athletic Training Supervisor Ted Evans. The nomination was signed and supported by 10 other Owensboro Health physicians, advance practice clinicians and staff members, as well as community athletic and school staff.

Evans said there was no question that Carroll was deserving of the award.

“I thought that Ray would be a perfect fit for the High School Athletic Trainer of the Year Award,” Evans said. “He definitely cares for his athletes a tremendous amount. He doesn't look at it just as job. He doesn't see them just as athletes. He sees them as his patients and the kids that they are. He cares about them a lot, and you can see that when he's working.”

Shelby Cotton, director of Therapy Services at Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital, said she endorsed Carroll because of the type of person he is and the work he does.

“I am so happy for Ray to receive the recognition he deserves for all of the years of hard work toward caring for student athletes. I am also proud that Ray is a member of our team,” Cotton said. “He truly cares for the student athletes and his performance on and off the field reflect the passion he has for his profession.”

Evans agreed, stating that Carroll is a team player, working with others to benefit athletes and sports in Muhlenberg County.

“He's a great athletic trainer and a great person. He does a lot for the Muhlenberg community, not just the high school,” Evans said. “He's made a lot of positive relationships that not only benefit Owensboro Health, but the athletic training community as a whole.”

Carroll said he didn’t expect the recognition from his peers and coworkers.

“It's been very special and I'm still riding the wave,” Carroll said. “What it means for me personally is they love me as much as I love them.”

A native of Russellville, Arkansas, Carroll said he pursued his career as an athletic trainer because it combined his love of sports and his interest in medicine. He focuses on preventive care and returning athletes to the field, but also on educating players, families, coaches and school officials.

“We're getting to a time when people want to know more and there's a lot of confusing things out there. A lot of times the person they come in contact with first is an athletic trainer, so it's my responsibility,” Carroll said.

Carroll added that Muhlenberg County has been a welcoming community for him.

“I just love the people. They're good people. They've always been good to me,” Carroll said.

And Carroll said he’s genuinely proud to work at Owensboro Health.

“I love my job, but it always makes me job better to work for an organization like OHMCH. They make it so I can do my job as best as I possibly can,” Carroll said. “I'm confident to tell people that you should never have questions that this organization is going to take care of you.”

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