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Dr. Joe Muradov was looking for a small, welcoming community, so it was only natural that he felt right at home in Muhlenberg County.

“I grew up in a small town. Muhlenberg County gives me the same feel of knowing everybody in the town, everybody being friendly to each other,” Dr. Muradov said.

A native of Uzbekistan (a former Soviet republic in central Asia), Dr. Muradov earned his general physician diploma at Second Tashkent State Medical Institute. Dr. Muradov also holds a doctorate degree in neurosurgery and immunology from the Trauma and Orthopedics Research Center in Novosibirsk, Russia. He completed his first surgical residency at the Republican Center of Emergency Medicine in Uzbekistan, followed by a general surgery residency at the University of Louisville.

Dr. Muradov said his affinity for science helped him choose his career in medicine and specialty.

“I had a love of biology and surgery. I was first oriented to be a surgeon and I haven't seen myself in a different field,” Dr. Muradov said.

Surgery offers a way to impact patients directly and quickly, but he also has his eye on the bigger healthcare picture.

“Most of the surgeon's problem is fixing the immediate problem, but it's definitely related to the population's health,” Dr. Muradov said. “The bigger scope of this is people will come with other problems, general health problems. By improving the immediate problems, you will improve the population's health and well-being.”

In particular, Dr. Muradov said he enjoys surgeries that repair problems.

“I enjoy reconstructions. You repair the body as needed and put things back together the way they were intended to be,” Dr. Muradov said.

In Muhlenberg County, Dr. Muradov said he sees getting the best of both worlds, his career and his family life.

“I wanted to live in a rural area and practice where they need doctors most. I like living in a community, being part of people’s lives and helping others,” Dr. Muradov said. “When I came to visit, I saw in the Muhlenberg Community Hospital they enjoy talking to each other and helping each other.”

Dr. Muradov and his wife, who was previously a radiation oncologist, have been married 18 years. They have four children ages 17 to 6. In his spare time, Dr. Muradov has a wide range of interests, most of which are centered around his family.

“I like taking pictures. I like computes and coding. I'm getting into learning Python (a computer programming language). My kids are interested and they influenced me,” Dr. Muradov said. “I'm also an avid judo practitioner and when I have time, I work out.”

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