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Published on March 18, 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information for Providers

Owensboro Health Outpatient Facilities

Effective March 14, 2020

1. Operation Center

Due to the rapidly changing information and events related to the COVID-19 Pandemic and in an effort to communicate any needs for supplies, labor needs or questions related to COVID-19, we have established an Operations Center at Owensboro Health Hospital to better respond to your needs in a timely fashion.  You may contact the center by calling 270-417-5055 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or email

2. Enhanced Patient Safety Policy

Our concern is that we protect our patients, visitors and team members from the spread of COVID-19, and to accomplish our mission we are enacting a system wide visitor patient policy which will continue until further notice. This plan applies to all patients who are seen in Owensboro Health Medical Group facilities.

  • Patients/Visitors/Family Members/Caregivers and Team members will only be allowed to enter Owensboro Health Regional Hospital (OHRH), Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital (OHMCH) and Owensboro Health Medical Building through specified entrances.
    • OHRH: Entrance A (main entrance), Entrance B (outpatient entrance) or Emergency Department entrance.
    • OHMCH: Main entrance
    • Breckenridge Building: Main Entrance
    • Healthpark: Main Entrance
    • Ford Medical Building: Main Entrance
    • Healthplexes: Main Entrance and Urgent Care Entrance
    • MultiCare Medical Building: Main Entrance
    • Parrish Medical Building: Main Entrance
  • Patients, Family Members/Caregivers and Team Members will be screened upon entrance to all OH and OHMG facilities. All Team members are subject to screening at all times and upon request.
    • They will be screened for symptoms, such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Infrared thermometers will be used as an objective measure of fever. 
  • Patients are restricted to one Family Member/Caregiver/Visitor at a clinic visit.
  • No Family Members/Caregivers under the age of 18 shall be allowed to accompany a patient unless they are the parent/guardian of the patient. 
    • This policy includes infants and siblings.
  • Patients/Caregivers/Visitors, who have returned from international travel should not accompany patients to visits until they have been in the United States, symptom free, for 14 days.
  • Emotional Support and Service Animals will continue to be allowed entrance.

3. Labor Pool

  • If any department is reducing hours of operation and or closing, please contact the Operations Center to add your staff’s availability to the Labor Pool so the staff can be utilized in another capacity.  Please do not send staff home until you have touched base with the Operations Center.

4. “Pre-screen” Scheduled Clinic Patients:

  • Implement triage calls the day before to rapidly identify patients with respiratory illness. 

5. Telemedicine visits

  • OHMG is offering telemedicine visits to their patients.

6. Outpatient therapy services

  • Outpatient face-to-face therapy services are suspended until further notice.
  • OH outpatient therapy services are currently offering telehealth services to their patients.

7. Outpatient Radiology Services

  • All outpatient radiology services at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital (OHRH) have stopped. These are being rerouted to our other outpatient imaging facilities.
  • All mammograms (including walk-ins), bone density scans (including walk-ins) and lung cancer screenings are cancelled pending further notice at all locations.
  • Outpatient diagnostic services remain open on all campuses except OHRH.

8. Team members unable to report to work

  • Call in process per your department protocol.
  • Team member compensation while off work.

9. Work Travel

  • No work travel for eight weeks.

10. Team members traveling outside of country returning to work

  • No symptoms- stay home for 14 days.
    • Pending test as determined by OH. 
  • Symptomatic- stay home for 14 days. 

11. Vendors

  • No vendors in the clinics until further notice.

12. Elective appointments/procedures

  • All elective procedures (inpatient, ambulatory surgery center, and outpatient) have been suspended until further notice.
    • However, provider discretion to be used. Do whatever is in best interest of patient.
  • If provider wishes to reschedule elective/well appointments, consider telehealth visit.

13. Walk-in Clinics

  • All walk-in clinics excluding the Urgent Cares and Occupational Health, have been cancelled pending further notice. 

14. Occupational Medicine

  • On site Occupational Medicine services are temporarily suspended.

15. Health and Fitness and Ford Medical Building

  • Health and Fitness center is closed until further notice.
  • Outpatient therapies (PT, OT, Speech, Diabetes Education, Outpatient Nutrition and Employee Assistance Program) are open.
  • All Patients/Team Members will be required to enter the Healthpark or Ford Medical Building through the main Healthpark entrance (Robin Rd) or through the Urgent Care Ford entrance (Ford Ave) and will be subject to COVID-19 screening.
  • Golden Partners van service will continue service at this time

16. Temporary telework

  • Owensboro Health has instituted temporary telework for certain team members. This allows certain non-clinical team members to work from home, which supports social distancing. 
  • System leaders will determine which team members can work from home.

17. Request to limit your travel

  • Greg Strahan has asked that you restrict your personal travel for the next four (4) weeks. 
  • Reducing personal travel means fewer chances to contract the virus, and that means a healthier outlook for everyone.

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24-Hour Coronavirus Hotline

For patients and community members with questions or possible symptoms.

Call: 877-888-6647

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