Published on February 03, 2021

Surge planning is currently our main focus at Owensboro Health

The recent increase in COVID-19 patients, in the region and at OHRH, reminds us that a surge is possible and that we must be prepared to handle a sudden influx if it occurs. Across the organization, our team members are working hard to make sure Owensboro Health is ready to stand strong for this region, even when we are tested over the next few weeks.

Dr. Francis DuFrayne

Dr. Francis DuFrayne

But we are not in this alone

You should know that Owensboro Health has been working directly with other health systems to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 surge plan for this area. In case of a patient surge, local hospitals – including OHRH and OHMCH – are ready to work together to coordinate where a patient should be treated, based on the resources and expertise we all have available. During these planning sessions with other hospitals, we have been very encouraged by the remarkable spirit of teamwork and respect that has been demonstrated. Everyone is pulling together to stand against COVID-19.

Just today, we shared our protocol for sterilizing N95 masks with another Kentucky health system. That kind of teamwork will be the difference as we prepare for a potential surge.

We are all in this together—including our fellow hospitals

As part of the regional surge plan, some hospitals could send COVID and respiratory patients to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for care. Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center in Grayson County is already planning to do this, and others will probably follow. A surge could also mean that non-COVID cases might go to other hospitals in the area. But all area hospitals will work together to make sure every patient in the region receives the very best care—even as the COVID-19 outbreak reaches its peak in the weeks ahead. 

Stay ready

I am proud of the way Owensboro Health is stepping up to meet this unprecedented challenge, but we also have many allies who are standing with us—including fellow health systems who are now our partners in this fight against coronavirus. Together, we are hoping for the best, but we are prepared to respond as needed. 

COVID-19 Dashboard

Updated: 4/3/2020 3:18 p.m.

OH Lab Testing Counts





Totals 688 74 477 137
Inpatient Lab 55 5 43 7
OHScreening Site (PAC Building) 392 37 284 71
ED 74 8 45 21
MCH Lab 166 24 104 38

COVID-19 Positive Cases



Daviess 47
Henderson 8
Muhlenberg 12
Webster 4
Union 2
Hopkins 28
Ohio 4
McLean 2
Hancock 2
Christian 1
Kentucky Total 770

Universal Mask Policy

Our knowledge regarding COVID-19 is rapidly expanding. Due to continually evolving evidence, we expect mask policies will be further refined and revised. All team members working in inpatient units and ambulatory clinics seeing patients face to face (such as Urgent Care and in procedural areas) are expected to wear procedural/surgical face masks at all times, while in their respective clinical care settings. The exception to this would include those healthcare professionals wearing N95 respirators while providing care for presumed COVID-19 (rule out) or known COVID-19 positive patients.

New Epic tools launched to address COVID-19

Owensboro Health is always seeking ways to be more efficient and effective. As patient volume increases in response to COVID-19, we’ve fast-tracked implementation of new Epic tools to increase clinician mobility, preserve PPE and monitor our patients, among other benefits.

Employers requesting COVID-19 testing

Some companies are telling their employees they must be tested for COVID-19 before they can return to work. In agreement with the Green River District Health Department, we are not able to perform testing on asymptomatic people or those that do not meet the current testing criteria. Anyone needing a test must go through the process of calling the hotline and being assessed. Tests are not as reliable for asymptomatic individuals, and they provide a false sense of security since a person with a negative test result could just as easily be exposed the next day. 

YMCA Childcare Available for Healthcare Workers

Owensboro Family YMCA will be offering childcare for children ages 3-12 beginning April 6. This care is available for employees of hospitals or medical facilities/offices, other healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and emergency first responders.

Healthcare Heroes

The encouraging words installed by U.S. Bank earlier this week at the OHRH are on the move to show support for our team members at other Owensboro Health Facilities including Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital, the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center and the Healthplex.

hero signs

more hero signs more heroes

Prioritize Mental Health

Credible Mind, an academic and physician-driven website created to help everyone optimize mental and spiritual health, is providing free access to materials for healthcare workers, patients and community members to help with the emotional and mental toll of COVID-19. These are available for everyone and you can access those resources on

A Message From Pastoral Care

Courage. The word derives from the word ceour, which is heart in French. The root of the word courage literally means to vulnerably show your heart. What you compromise daily does not go unnoticed in this community. May we continue to courageously march through this stressful time, full hearts on display, in our work and our homes. May God continue to watch over you and your families.

Worth Repeating…

Resources on

Find Home Care Instructions for Novel Coronavirus with tips on how to take care of yourself or your family at home if you think you have the virus.


We will get through this, together.


Francis J. DuFrayne, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Owensboro Health, Inc.

1201 Pleasant Valley Road

Owensboro, KY 42303

Supplies on Hand

In use 7
Available 17
In use 7
Available 17
Adult Heated High Flow
In use 1
Available 7



3M Regular 1860
3M Small N95 1860S
Halyard Duck Bill N95 Small
Halyard Duck Bill N95 Regular
3M N95 8000
3M 8210
3M 8576
3M 8511
Medline Cone 95
N95 SW
N95 64059530A
3M 8200HB1
3M 8271
SS1-N95 Global Protection
3M 8247
3M 8511PA1
HoneyWell N95 RWS-54006
Surgical Masks
Cloth (Homemade)
Gowns Count
Isolation 5289
Eye Protection Count
Goggles/glasses 331
Gloves (200 each per box) Count
Small 395
Medium 561
Large 521
X-Large 67

About Owensboro Health

Owensboro Health is a nonprofit health system with a mission to heal the sick and to improve the health of the communities it serves in Kentucky and Indiana. The system includes Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, nationally recognized for design, architecture and engineering; Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital; Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center; the Owensboro Health Medical Group comprised of over 200 providers at more than 20 locations; three outpatient Healthplex facilities, a certified medical fitness facility, the Healthpark; a surgical weight loss center and program, and the Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center.

On average each year, we have 16,000 inpatient admissions, deliver 2,000 babies and provide the region’s only Level III NICU. Owensboro Health physicians perform nearly 24,000 surgical procedures, including nearly 200 open-heart surgeries. Our physicians and staff have 70,000 Emergency Department visits, more than a million outpatient visits annually. Visit our home page for more information.