Published on August 03, 2021

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COVID-19 Update: DuFrayne joins local officials in urging vaccinations

In a recent Facebook Live event hosted by Daviess County Fiscal Court, Chief Medical Officer Francis DuFrayne, MD joined with local officials to urge residents to get vaccinated—especially as case numbers surge in western Kentucky. “Coronaviruses are winter viruses, and the fact that we’re here at the end of July with this surge, it’s really concerning,” DuFrayne said. Watch the rest of his comments by visiting the Daviess County Fiscal Court and clicking COVID-19 Community Update under Events.

Physicians share personal stories for upcoming video series

Several physicians and healthcare workers took time last week to share their personal insight about COVID-19 for an upcoming videoVaccine Commercial Set series about the importance of getting vaccinated. Once completed, the videos will air as TV commercials, digital ads and social media videos. In the video clips, participants share experiences from having treated COVID-19 and some of the effects they have seen. The videos will be released soon. 

Vaccine boosters not needed yet

If you are already fully vaccinated, a booster shot is not needed at this time, said Vice President of Medical Affairs Michael Kelley, MD. “Some people have been asking about a third dose of Pfizer or Moderna or a second dose of J&J, but our guidance from the CDC says additional doses are not recommended at this time.” Dr. Kelley said communication will be issued if booster recommendations change.

COVID-19 vs seasonal flu: Which is worse?
(From Kentucky Health News)
While influenza and Covid-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, they are caused by different viruses. Covid-19 appears to be more contagious and to spread more quickly, and is more deadly. Preliminary estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are that the U.S. had 38 million flu cases and 22,000 deaths from it in the 2019-20 flu season, for a death rate of 0.06 percent. The U.S. has had nearly 34 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and nearly 607,000 deaths from Covid-19, for a death rate of 1.79%. In Kentucky, there have been 473,503 cases and 7,308 deaths—a death rate of 1.54%.





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