IRIS: Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems™

In order to prevent or manage health problems, you have to see them coming. That’s why Owensboro Health is working to make sure you can see by offering IRIS eye exams to patients with diabetes.

The IRIS (Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems) exam is an important tool in preventing progressive eye damage due to diabetes. This painless, non-invasive exam analyzes the inner structures of your eyes, which can be affected by diabetic eye disease. A yearly IRIS exam is covered by most insurance carriers.

At the back of the human eye is the retina, a layer of nerve cells that take what you see and send that information to the brain. This process is what allows people to see. As diabetes progresses, the blood vessels around the retina can be damaged, leading to formation of scar tissue. Overtime, this scar tissue can damage the retina, leading to progressive vision loss.

Early detection of this problem is essential because damage is not noticeable until it is significant and advanced, and treatment is most effective when the disease is caught early. That means it’s crucial to catch this damage early or prevent it from happening at all. That’s why the IRIS exam is such a valuable tool. A 10-minute exam, done yearly, can help protect and maintain your eyesight for years to come.

Do you have questions about the IRIS exam? Talk to your primary care provider. They can help refer you to clinics offering this testing. Locations with this capability are Owensboro Health Medical Group Family Medicine clinics on Parrish and Breckenridge streets and Owensboro Health Family Medicine at Multicare in Madisonville.

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