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Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday is a weekly Facebook Live video feature presented by Owensboro Health’s Health & Wellness team, focusing on a plethora of fitness tips for all ranges of fitness levels.

There is something for everyone! The purpose of our weekly video is to encourage the community to explore new exercises, motivate those that already have a fitness routine to continue improving their health while preventing injuries and to educate those that want to learn more about fitness habits that will help them achieve their wellness goals.

Our Fitness Friday videos also explore all of the programs, classes, and facilities that Owensboro Health has to offer.

May 2018

Taking Your Push-Ups To The Next Level

Correct Posture Month: Classic Bench Press 

April 2018

Myth-Busting: Reducing Body Fat

Myth-Busing: Women Who Lift Weights Bulk-Up

Myth-Busting: Should You Stretch Before You Exercise?

March 2018

Stair Exercises

Exercises You Can Do At Work

Bike Fit & Safety Tips

February 2018

American Heart Month - Healthpark Cycling Class

American Heart Month - High-Intensity, Partner Workout

American Heart Month - HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training

American Heart Month Cardio Walk Through At The Healthpark

January 2018

Good Gym Etiquette

New Stair Stepper Equipment At The Healthpark


Touring The Healthpark Exercise Weight Room

Quick Thanksgiving On The Go Exercise Tips

Healthpark Expansion

Body Flow Demo

Tabata With Equipment


How To Use A Row Machine

TRX Band Tutorial 

How To Use A GHD - Glute & Hamstring Developer

Legion Park Excercise Equipment

Action Center At Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

Low Impact Medicine Ball Workout

Functional Fitness

8 - Minute AB Workout

Calorie-Blasting Dumbbell Workout

Busy Mom Workout

Lower Back Pain

Functional Movement Screenings

Beach Body Part II: Legs

Beach Body Part I: The Bum

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Walking Trail Exercise Station Four

Kettle Bell Exercises

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Walking Trail Exercise Station Three

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Walking Trail Exercise Station Two

Owensboro Health Regional Hospital Walking Trail Exercise Station One

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