2018 Fitness Friday Videos

Shiloh Fisher
Shiloh Fisher, RDH, NASM-CPT
Seth Sharp
Seth Sharp, Health & Wellness Specialist

December 2018

New Year's Resolutions

Exercise is Medicine

Working Out at Home

Warming Up

November 2018

Gift ideas for athletes

New Equipment


October 2018

Massage Therapy

Backside Burner 3

September 2018

Backside Burner 2

Backside Burner 1

Five-minute Workout 

Negative Movement

August 2018

Pistol Squat

Upper Back Strengthening

Traditional Squat

July 2018

Press & Jerk

The Clean Olympic Lift

KWC Fit-Trail

June 2018

Mini Band Exercises

Vertical Climber

Tractor Tire Flip

May 2018

Bike/Plank Interval Workout Combo

Beach Ready 9-Minute Ab Workout

Taking Your Push-Ups To The Next Level

Correct Posture Month: Classic Bench Press 

April 2018

Myth-Busting: Reducing Body Fat

Myth-Busing: Women Who Lift Weights Bulk-Up

Myth-Busting: Should You Stretch Before You Exercise?

March 2018

Stair Exercises

Exercises You Can Do At Work

Bike Fit & Safety Tips

February 2018

American Heart Month - Healthpark Cycling Class

American Heart Month - High-Intensity, Partner Workout

American Heart Month - HIIT - High-Intensity Interval Training

American Heart Month Cardio Walk Through At The Healthpark

January 2018

Good Gym Etiquette

New Stair Stepper Equipment At The Healthpark