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Express Admit Unit

Located on the 4th floor, the Express Admit Unit at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital is designed to make admission to the hospital as easy as possible. Your stay begins in a private room with a comfortable bed—no waiting rooms or extra ED time. We will take care of your paperwork, start your treatments and then take you to a traditional room.

While you are here, Express Admit will:

  • Introduce you to hospital services & amenities
  • Learn more about you & your condition
  • Review your medications
  • Start tests & treatments
  • Collaborate with your care team
  • Prepare you for transfer to another unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I here?

The Express Admit Unit allows our patients to be more comfortable, visit with their family and begin testing or treatment more quickly. Once your admission process is complete and your plan of care is started, we will move you to your assigned inpatient room.

Why do I have to be transferred to another room?

The Express Admit Unit is designed to improve your comfort and make your care more efficient. Rather than having you wait in the Emergency Department or in a lobby waiting room, you and your loved ones will come to a private patient care room. While here, we can begin the admission process as explained above. Once that process is complete, we’ll transfer you to the appropriate medical unit. Different medical units have different capabilities, meaning care on these units is tailored to patients’ needs.

When will I see my provider?

Your provider will be notified of your admission to the Express Admit Unit and may see you here or when you are transferred to the appropriate medical unit. We also have hospitalists on staff 24/7, meaning expert providers are always available to assist and answer questions, even during the overnight and weekend hours or when your own care provider is working at their office.

When/what can I eat?

Depending on your medical needs, we can provide you with something to eat or drink while you’re on this unit. We have sandwiches stocked here so you don’t have to wait for a meal to be delivered. When you are transferred to the appropriate medical unit, you will have the opportunity to order additional food if you desire.

After I am transferred to a medical unit, will I have to go through the admission process again?

No. For your convenience, the admission process will be complete and your plan of care and treatment will be communicated to your inpatient nurse.
Will my loved ones be able to find me?

Yes. Your loved ones will accompany you to the Express Admit Unit. For those who arrive later, our guest relations staff members will be happy to guide them or provide assistance in finding your room.

Why did I come up here if I just have to go right back down for a test?

After you come to this unit, we may need to take you for diagnostic testing elsewhere in the hospital. This testing allows us to begin your plan of care more quickly. Bringing you to this unit first means you and your loved ones have a more comfortable place to wait before and after testing and until you are transferred to the appropriate medical unit.

If you have other questions or there is anything we can do to help you be more comfortable while you’re with us, please let us know and we’ll do everything possible to assist you.

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