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Support makes all the difference! Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants and Certified Lactation Counselors are here to help. 

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  • Call 270-417-5338 anytime with questions or concerns 
  • Schedule a private one-on-one consultation 
  • Attend Breastfeeding Friends to connect with other new moms, and weigh your baby for free
  • Follow our lactation team on Facebook for tips, tricks, and inspiration! 

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Breastfeeding Friends

Breastfeeding Friends is currently on hold. If we receive enough interest we will resume our virtual monthly meetings. Please let us know if you are interested by calling us at 270-417-5338 or filling out our online interest form below. Thank you!

Who is Breastfeeding Friends for?

Breastfeeding Friends is for breastfeeding mothers. We encourage mothers to attend before delivery for support and encouragement, and after delivery to share successes and challenges during their breastfeeding journey. We discuss ways to bond with your baby and support health and wellness for your whole family. 

A typical Breastfeeding Friends meeting includes:

  • Casual discussion, Q&A
  • Guest speakers
  • Activities to support bonding

Contact Us

Please call us at 270-417-5338 or email

Breastfeeding Friends

A monthly video series for new mothers

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Tune-in to the Owensboro Health Facebook page Thursday afternoon, during the week of our monthly meeting, to watch the latest video.

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