Full-Term Delivery Focus

newborn baby

Owensboro Health doctors don’t schedule early elective deliveries (EEDs)—inductions or C-sections that happen before 39 weeks of gestation for non-medical reasons.

You may want to deliver your baby early for convenience or relief from pregnancy-related discomfort. But if your pregnancy is healthy, it’s safest to give birth after your baby is full-term (39 to 40 weeks of gestation).

Why Wait Until Full Term To Deliver

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, your baby’s brain, lungs, liver, eyes, ears and other important body parts are still developing. If your baby is born full-term, he or she is more likely to:

  • Avoid developmental problems
  • Have normal hearing and vision
  • Stay warm, which helps keep your newborn healthy and comfortable
  • Suck and swallow well, which makes feeding easier so your infant gets enough nutrition
  • Achieve high scores on reading and math tests later in life

Also, you’re less likely to experience a complication after a full-term vaginal delivery without induction than after an induced delivery or C-section. Learn more about elective deliveries from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.