April's story

A heartfelt thank you 

It’s my belief that appreciation is something truly special, acknowledging a person and simply saying Thank you, gives them a reason to smile and to let them know what they mean to you. I wanted to write and personally say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention to detail with the care you gave me, to get me where I am today! Several staff members were involved in my care but remembering all of them would be like the saying, "pulling a needle from a haystack." However there are a few that I would like to mention.

#1: Dr. Mark McGinnis – Orthopedic Surgeon

From Day 1 my very first visit with you, what I appreciated is that you allowed me to call the shots after you gave me options from your professional opinion. You and I would discuss options and you would put my own personal care back into my hands to decide. To many this may not seem huge but for me as a Highly Anxious OCD person, it meant that you also trusted my choice. Therefore without a single doubt I knew that I had chosen the best orthopedic doctor.

I had Lateral Release on my left knee in April 2017, after that surgery I was on my way to healing when suddenly a year later I found myself in the same need for my right knee, after that procedure I started feeling really good, however I pushed myself a little too hard and had a very bad set back that left me completely upset and vulnerable unable to get relief no matter what I did. For months I walked in agony while you and I let time decide my final option which was a Patella (kneecap) replacement and partial knee replacement.

Preparing for the procedure

As I prepared for my appointment I could tell that I was getting a bit upset and nervous, because every patient has that fear. We wonder what pain we will endure afterwards, let alone time off work, and worries with that. I have always had laparoscopic procedures, so for me this was a first, having literally be cut open! I remember when I arrived for my appointment after my MRI to discuss the next steps in my care, I felt my heart racing and my blood pressure rising, stepping into the room for my appointment with so much anxiety, but as soon as you walked in and we reviewed the MRI you put me right at ease stating if “I CHOSE” a replacement this is what “YOU WOULD” do. You went over in detail step by step the act you would take as if I were going to be standing beside you watching the procedure the whole time, and I cannot tell you what ease that gave me for I felt even more certain that my choice of physician was without a doubt the best choice I could have ever made for me.

The days leading up to my procedure I would see you from time to time leaving the building or pass you in the hall and I remember praying as I walked past you saying, "I am in your hands soon, I would pray and say." Lord please bless this man and his hands, for he will be performing on many people, may they continue to heal the sick and to improve the health of the communities we as OHRH serve. I smiled as I would say that because that is our work Motto and its rings so true with you Dr. McGinnis.

The day of my surgery

On November 21st 2018, I went under the knife so to speak and woke up knowing I had long road ahead of me, but ready to get better. While in the hospital staying overnight I was told by someone that this was the first time you ever did this procedure together. You had done many partial replacements, and many kneecap replacements but never at the same time, again it was confirmed that I had made the right decision because the only pain I was feeling was the pain from the surgical procedure at that moment, and the pain of walking was different.

Steps to recovery

I started my journey with physical therapy over the next 8 weeks, and here I am today 4 months post op walking without pain in every step, and once in a while when I see you as I walk in and out of work I smile and again say a prayer for you and your miracle hands that helped heal this sick person. I hold my head in pride as I walk past you because you made that possible, you made it possible for me to finally be healed and continued to be pain free. I am so grateful.

Thank you Dr. McGinnis for helping me when I wasn’t sure I could ever be helped to walk without pain again.

It’s been a very long 3 years for me, and finally I feel better.

April M.