Preparation and Recovery

Prepare for and recover after joint replacement surgery by joining your peers in the Joint Replacement Center at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. You’ll build camaraderie and get support from fellow patients who receive their operation on the same day you do. You’ll gather at our Joint Center Unit—a hospital floor designated for joint replacement—to learn how to achieve the best possible outcome of your orthopedic surgery.

Pre-Admission Education Class

You will be asked to attend an educational class one or two weeks before joint replacement surgery. It is very beneficial to attend this class where you will:

  • Preregister online so you can save time the morning of your procedure
  • Meet your nurses
  • Complete diagnostic tests to make sure you’re in good shape for surgery
  • Discuss what type of Anesthesia you’ll receive
  • Find out how to prepare your home and what adaptive equipment you will need to make a recovery easier
  • Learn how to manage pain-relieving medications dosage
  • Watch the Joint Camp Video to learn how to prepare for surgery.

Physical Therapy After Orthopedic Surgery

As you recover in the hospital following your joint replacement procedure, you’ll participate in group physical therapy twice a day. The same therapist will work with you throughout your stay, which means you’ll receive personalized care from a professional who understands your concerns, needs, and goals.

You’ll learn exercises to practice on your own to help your new joint move more easily. Invite a family member to join you in physical therapy sessions and learn how to assist you at home.