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Gifts may be made in support of specific health-related programs or as general support of the mission of Owensboro Health Foundation and Owensboro Health.  We invite you to read below from neighbors from your community who have been touched by programs and services funded by Owensboro Health Foundation.

Mammograms For Life

“I was working as a waitress and did not have any health insurance. I got a free mammogram through the Mammograms for Life program and was diagnosed with breast cancer. The lump was small and caught very early. I had surgery to remove the lump, and opted for a mastectomy. Today, I am cancer free. Had I not been able to get help through Mammograms for Life, I probably would have waited too long for a mammogram, my cancer would not have been detected as early, and things might not have turned out so well.”


H.O.P.E Fund

“It is with great pleasure to express my sincerest appreciation for the HOPE Fund. Last year my husband unexpectedly passed away. Overwhelmed with sadness and grief, I reached out to the HOPE Fund for financial assistance. Employee Engagement quickly contacted me and so graciously sent out condolences to me and the family. It was such a blessing to have my mortgage and house expenses along with my car payments taken care of. The HOPE Fund provides immediate relief and assistance when tragedy or a life changing event occurs. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the team that looked at my situation and helped me get by. The generosity and support the HOPE Fund gave me is greatly appreciated. I will forever be thankful! I continue to 'pay it forward' and look at each day as a blessing. I thank God for the HOPE Fund, my family and friends, the individuals that were by my side, my work family, and the new found relationships.  They comforted me in such a difficult time.  God Bless!”

Hospitality Suites

“I had to send an email applauding the Hospitality Suites. My son and his spouse had their baby this weekend and he had to be in the NICU. The suites are awesome. There is nothing better than not having to worry about seeing your loved one or baby during this stressful time. She is breastfeeding and needs to be with the baby every three hours. Thanks to your services this was possible. There were also able to bring their other children to be with them too. The rooms are so beautiful. The area is so family friendly. Nothing but praise. Thank you so much.”

Care Bear For Kids

“My child was so scared when we got to the hospital for her surgery, until she saw the teddy bear sitting on the bed. She said, ‘Mommy is this bear here to take care of me?’ She felt safe because of that little bear. She still sleeps with it.”

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