Lights For Life

  • Lights For Life Online Tribute Book

Lights For Life Online Tribute Book

This year's Lights for Life holiday season tribute project is benefiting two programs at Owensboro Health: Care Bears for Kids & Baby Boxes For Infants In Need. If you have purchased a symbolic light, the name of the person you have honored will be displayed below.

Gifts will be accepted through the holiday season. Please look through our sponsors and honored names!


Gold Ribbon Sponsors

IBEW Local 1701

Silver Ribbon Sponsors

Red Ribbon Sponsors

  • Domtar
  • Swedish Match

Green Ribbon Sponsors

  • Health Choice Enterprises

Honored Names

White Lights

  • Riley J. Gower

  • Sarah J. Hardy-Askey

  • Larry T. Cecil

  • Paul E. Morris

  • Donna K. Parks

  • Donald A. French

  • Wayne Leslie Blincoe

  • Shelby Taylor

  • Nathan Taylor

  • Taylor Ratliff

  • Robert Henry Luckett

  • Agnes Marie Luckett

  • Cody S. Glover

  • Kieran Elias Hardesty

  • Saxston Zakary Hoover

  • Timothy Michael Smith

  • Freeman Case Smith

  • Jesse Wyatt Smith

  • Mary B. Hayden

  • Catherine Seisser

Red Lights

  • Dr. Daniel B. Merlin, Jr.

  • Mary Ella Boggess

  • Nisa N. Witt

  • Lynda Youngman

  • Robert E. McCarthy

  • Jeff Lang

  • Jason O’Bryan

  • Gene Williams

  • Morris Lee Kemper

  • Keaton R. Payne

  • Peter LaBranche

  • John W. Murphy

  • Peggy Campbell

  • Anna Hendricks

  • Tony King

  • Norville Nichols

  • Audrey Hood

Green Lights

  • Abiella L. Richmond

  • David E. Collinson

  • Juanita M. Collinson

  • Bree A. Whitfield

  • Shari Murphy

  • Drew Moss

  • Ruby Jacildo

  • Renee Orange

  • Walter Elder

  • Mary K. Osborne

  • Delma Osborne


  • Donna Marie Tokarski

  • Susan Faye Kasey

  • Marsha Ann Kasey

  • Thomas F. Kasey

  • Edna Knight

  • Donna Lea Humston

  • Allen McKelvey

  • Sandy Andersen

  • James Kincheloe

  • Colin Gill

  • Joe Lowe

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