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Quick Facts

  • Single suites are $25 per night, double suites are $35 per night
  • To book a suite call (270) 417-3120
  • Any questions or concerns please contact Kelly Armour

With an 11-county region served by Owensboro Health Regional Hospital, many family members and loved ones visiting patients at the new hospital will be traveling to make their visits. For some, a lengthy journey may not be an option and staying in a hotel in Owensboro may not work either.

Owensboro Health has an answer to these worries. Seven answers, actually, in the form “hospitality suites” located on the first floor of the new hospital. The suites are run by the Volunteer Services department and Director of Volunteer Services Kelly Armour said she feels the suites are a real asset for the hospital.

“I just think it's an amazing service, an opportunity for us to keep families as close to their patient as possible,” Armour said. “We know that patients heal better when their family is close by. It makes us feel like a regional hospital as well, to be able to provide that for families from our surrounding counties.”

There are six single hospitality suites and one double suite. The single suites are $25 per night and the double is $35 per night, and there are ADA-compliant suites available. Those wanting to reserve a suite for use should call 417-3120 to book a suite. 

Armour also said they want employees throughout the organization to promote the hospitality suites so they get even more use.

“Utilization is our goal. They're there and we would love for people to be able to use them and take advantage of the great space,” Armour said. “They (our caregivers) get to know the situation and they can identify the families that could benefit from the space.”

The hospitality suites were championed by past CEO Dr. Jeff Barber and past Executive Director of the Owensboro Health Foundation Waitman Taylor. Taylor said experiencing first-hand the support of on-site facilities at hospitals made a huge difference for him almost 30 years ago.

“My first wife died with cancer and I visited several hospitals, both in Louisville and Houston,” Taylor said. “Being able to stay in one of their hospitality suites and being able to come right away when you were called in the middle of the night made all the difference in the world. I saw what it meant to me and what it meant to my family.”

Armour said the suites are also meant as a refuge for loved ones going through a difficult time with a loved one being cared for at the hospital.

“The mission of the space, we feel, is to provide a home away from home for families when they're in a medical crisis,” Armour said. “They can step out of the situation, the patient room, have a shower and sleep in a nice bed. It gives them a chance to recharge.”

Taylor said one thing he pushed for with the hospitality suites at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital was that they had to be part of the building and not off-site.

“I wanted to be sure people would never have to leave the security of the hospital in order to go back and forth,” Taylor said. “A lot of our patients are elderly or will have elderly family members. For them not to have to go outside, not have to cut across the campus, I think that's what really tops off our suites.” Taylor also said he appreciated the Owensboro Health staff, who supported the hospitality suites and two other projects at the hospital with their pledges of donations.

“This is the one thing that really a lot of employees really picked up on,” Taylor said. “I am delighted to see them and grateful for the people that contributed to it and all that they did.”

Taylor said he believes the hospitality suites are an example of why Owensboro Health Regional Hospital is truly special.

“It's just another service that we can give that most hospitals do not offer, especially hospitals in a town our size. I think it will mean a lot to us as we work to become a regional hospital,” Taylor said. “I think it's something else that sets our hospital apart. I don't think Louisville has anything like this and I don't think Evansville has anything else like this. It's something that sets us apart and will be of benefit to the families.”  

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