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What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a web-based portal system that allows Owensboro Health to extend a read-only version of patient information to external care facilities in order to improve the continuity of care in your community. This continuity provides many benefits for your patients and your organization in order to facilitate providing quality patient care.

How would you use EpicCare Link?

Groups that would benefit from EpicCare Link access include, but are not limited to:

  • Provider offices
    • Access to view your patient’s records while they are admitted to our hospital
    • Receive patient discharge information in real time
  • Post-acute care facilities
    • Receive notification of patient post-acute placement requirements
    • Communicate with our Case Management about post-acute placement details
    • Accept or decline placements
  • Therapy offices
    • Receive notification of patient post-acute therapy requirements
    • Communicate with our Case Management about post-acute therapy details, and have the ability to accept or decline post-acute therapy referrals
  • Durable medical equipment vendors
    • Receive notification of post-acute patient DME requirements as they transition from the inpatient setting
    • Communicate with our Case Management to coordinate fulfilling the patient’s DME needs

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