Arts in Healing

fruit paintings

At Owensboro Health, our mission is to heal the sick and improve the health of the communities we serve. Our approach to accomplishing this mission includes attention to care for the body, mind and spirit and also consideration to those who support patients during their healing process. Research shows that art plays a significant role in the health and well-being of our patients and their caregivers. At Owensboro Health, we partner with local artists and organizations across multiple artistic mediums to provide meaningful arts and cultural experiences in our public spaces and at the bedside. This creates a unique healthcare experience that enhances the healing journey.

Virtual Art Tour

Soothing colors. Serene scenes. The coolness of water and the warmth of sunshine. These are just a few examples of what visitors and patients experience when they view the many selections of artwork at Owensboro Health. And now the pleasure of viewing these pieces is right at your fingertips!

Take a virtual tour of the thoughtfully selected art that celebrates our communities, local artists, faith, architecture, history, and nature. From pieces that share rural landscapes and agriculture to vista views, local culture and music, the virtual art tour displays hundreds of multimedia works including sculptures at both Owensboro Health Regional Hospital and Mitchell Memorial Cancer Center.

OHRH East Side Courtyard

East side courtyard with sculpture
OHRH East Side Courtyard Tour

OHRH Main Lobby Courtyard

Main courtyard
OHRH Main Lobby Courtyard Tour

OHRH Bedside Still Waters

water sculpture
OHRH Bedside Still Waters Tour

OHRH Mother Baby Courtyard

Mother baby courtyard
OHRH Mother Baby Courtyard Tour

OHRH Floor 1 - East

OHRH first floor east
OHRH Floor 1 - East Tour

OHRH Floor 1 - West

OHRH first floor west
OHRH Floor 1 - West Tour

OHRH Floor 2

OHRH second floor
OHRH Floor 2 Tour

OHRH Floor 3

OHRH third floor
OHRH Floor 3 Tour

OHRH Floor 4

OHRH fourth floor
OHRH Floor 4 Tour

OHRH Floor 5

OHRH fifth floor
OHRH Floor 5 Tour

OHRH Floor 6

OHRH sixth floor
OHRH Floor 6 Tour

OHRH Floor 7

OHRH seventh floor
OHRH Floor 7 Tour

OHRH Floor 8

OHRH eighth floor
OHRH Floor 8 Tour

OHRH Floor 9

OHRH ninth floor
OHRH Floor 9 Tour

OHRH Administration Area

administration entrance
OHRH Administration Area Tour

OHRH Boardroom

OHRH Boardroom Tour

Medical Office Building

Medical office building entrance
Medical Office Building Tour

Cancer Center Entrance

Cancer center entrance
Cancer Center Entrance Tour

Cancer Center Lobby

Cancer center lobby
Cancer Center Lobby Tour

Cancer Center Treatment Area

Cancer center treatment area
Cancer Center Treatment Area Tour