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CredibleMind delivers fast access to thousands of expert-rated, AI-driven resources to support emotional well-being and strengthen mental health. Check out the resources at HealthyMind.CredibleMind.com

Quick Videos

Click to see each video and learn ways to improve your mental health and practice self-care.

Ready to Quit Smoking?

Our Tobacco Treatment Specialists offer FREE group sessions and one-on-one counseling for teens and adults. 

Smoking Cessation Programs

Healthy Living

Owensboro Health is committed to improving the health of our communities. The best advocate for your overall health and well-being is you! We want to empower you to take an active role in the direction of your health and encourage you to explore the screenings and wellness programs we offer below. Click on each link for more information, or call us at 270-417-2000 with any questions.


Community Education and Wellness

Find out about the services we offer to the community, including weight management, diabetes prevention, nutrition education and fitness classes.

Learn about community wellness resources.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is the prevention, treatment, and even reversal, of diseases caused by lifestyle factors. We want to help you live better!

Learn more about lifestyle medicine.


See all the latest information about our safety measures and precautions.

See COVID-19 information.


Vaccinations save lives by preventing the spread of contagious diseases and boosting your immune system. Vaccinations are available at multiple locations at Owensboro Health.

Learn more about vaccinations, including COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine.


Diabetes and Prediabetes

Are you at risk of developing diabetes? Take the CDC's assessment now. Share your results with your doctor and ask for a simple blood test to confirm.


Early detection of progressive conditions can improve outcomes and help you know what to look out for. Consider screenings for several conditions from cancer to heart health and stroke.

Learn more about specific options for early detection and screening.

Coal Miners’ Respiratory Clinic

The Coal Miners' Respiratory Clinic in Greenville, Kentucky, is part of Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital. The clinic strives to minimize the effects of pulmonary impairment in coal miners and others with pulmonary disease.

Find out more about the clinic.


Sepsis is the body’s extreme, life threatening response to an infection. It is a considered a medical emergency. If not treated quickly, it can lead to organ damage or failure and death. Learn more about sepsis, including the causes, symptoms and who is at risk.

Healthy Steps

Healthy Tips Video Series

For each of us, our time and our health are our most valuable assets. Our team of experts at the Healthpark is here with simple tips you can use on your journey toward wellness. See the videos.

Quit Smoking

Owensboro Health is a smoke-free organization, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of living a smoke-free life. We work along with others to provide education, resources, support, and encouragement.

Learn more about how to quit smoking.

Nutrition Counseling

Enjoy better health with nutrition counseling from Owensboro Health. Our team of registered dietitians is here to help you set and achieve your nutrition, weight and health goals.

Diabetes Education

Talk to our dietitians and nurses who provide diabetes education and support are all Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (CDCES).

Fitness Programs

Join the Healthpark, Kentucky’s only facility certified by the Medical Fitness Association, and benefit from personal guidance from certified and licensed staff and medical oversight. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we are here to help. We offer a diverse mix of classes, programs and opportunities so you can customize your wellness experience.

Health Resources

Call Center: Our 24-hour Health Hotline

Do you have questions about your health? Before you make an unnecessary trip to an Urgent Care center or the Emergency Department, call us. An experienced registered nurse at Owensboro Health answers this number and is happy to help!

Contact the Call Center at 877-888-6647.

Community Needs Health Assessment

Every few years, we conduct assessments to determine the health needs and priorities of our community. Learn more about the results of those assessments here.

View the latest Community Needs Health Assessment.

Universal Medication Form

Everyone who regularly takes medications should complete and carry with them a current list of all medicines.

Download the Universal Medication Form.