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magazine coverWelcome to the summer issue of LIFT magazine! Summer is a time when we all feel that we can take a moment to breathe deep and relax. The world seems to move a little more slowly as days lengthen and we spend more time with those we love. We certainly hope that your summer is off to a great start.

That being said, we want to remind you that summer can be a time of greater risk, but there are precautions that can help you stay safe. In these pages you will see stories of tragedies that were prevented because of proactive steps. You will also see summer safety tips that will help you avoid accidents.

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Summer features

Swimming lessons saved his life

A day at Rough River Lake quickly transformed into a parent’s worst nightmare when their son, Cylas, was just out of arm’s reach and came out of his life jacket.

Read Cylas' story.

A trip of a lifetime

She had plans to swim and snorkel, to spend time looking at the reef and the wildlife surrounding it. There was just one problem — she couldn’t swim.

Find out how Leesa's determination paid off.

What's happening Muhlenberg?

We have a new sheriff, the upcoming fair, Lu-Ray Park and Amphitheater walking trail and so much more to do!

See what's going on.

Safety tips for summer

When fun is on the agenda during the summer months, make sure you keep these tips in mind to help prevent injuries.

See the safety tips.



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