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Lift magazine coverThe first edition of LIFT magazine for 2019 is about National Heart Month, which is in February. 

Owensboro Health has a wide range of services and experts in heart care. This edition of LIFT talks about several of them. You will find a piece on women’s heart health, another on the different types of cardiologists and a great story of collaborative learning that occurred despite obstacles of geography and language. 

I hope that you find these stories enjoyable and uplifting. Happy New Year!

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Spring features

Women's heart health

Women’s heart problems often go undiagnosed because sometimes there are no symptoms or because symptoms go unchecked. Women might not check their symptoms for years, limiting their options by the time they seek treatment.

Find tips for women to maintain their heart health.

Cardiac rehab is a community of care

This program's success rates, which are high across the board, are partly due to good attendance and to the care that continues even after insurance releases the patient.

Read about what what keeps patients motivated to attend and to support one another.

Brayden's story - Battle of the heart

Brayden was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, so doctor visits and hospital stays are routine. Today, all is well — but in June 2018, that was not the case.

Find out what inspired #BraydenBrave.

Does your heart need an electrician or a plumber?

The right specialists, the right tools, the right care. We’re not talking about your home. We’re talking about your heart.

See how Owensboro Health can help you keep on ticking.

OHRH Volunteers - A heart for patients

The volunteers at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital are putting their hearts into what they make. It just so happens that they’re making hearts — well, pillows shaped like hearts.

Read the story.



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