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magazine cover School is back in session and fall is upon us. It seems that this time of year can be busy for everyone, even those of us who are no longer beholden to a school schedule. When things get busy, it’s important to take a moment to consider your health and that of your family. It’s easy to neglect your nutrition or forget to exercise when so many things are competing for your time. However, when you do make your health a priority, you will find that you have more energy to contribute to all the other tasks on your plate.

This month’s issue of LIFT will give you resources to help with both physical and mental health. You will also see a story of resilience and learn about some ways Owensboro Health is working toward bettering our communities. We hope that the resources contained in these pages will set you on a path toward good health that you will be able to maintain throughout your lifetime.

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Fall features

Plan your lunch with our dietitians

Owensboro Health Healthpark dietitians Shelby Shelby and Kelci Murphy and OH Surgical Weight Loss Center dietitian Scott Hall share ideas to help you plan for a nutritious lunch. 

Learn about the five-bin system.

Baby steps make for big strides

At 12 months, Bella Lovell was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She has gone from a wheelchair to a walker, from a walker to crutches — and now she is down to a single crutch.

Read Bella's story.

Student health is a priority in Muhlenberg County schools

OHMCH brings medical professionals and healthcare programs to students at school and beyond the classroom.

How they're working to keep kids healthy.

Training top docs close to home

The Family Medicine Residency Program, hosted by Owensboro Health and the University of Louisville, has earned accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

See what this means for Owensboro.

Daring to love again: A family welcomes a new baby after losing their firstborn

Dr. Tabb was there to walk Laci through it all. He eased her anxieties, whether on the clock or off. When Elsie Jo finally arrived, Dr. Tabb visited on his day off just to check in on the new family.

Read about the Galyen's rainbow baby.



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