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The Winter 2018 edition of LIFT Magazine, our last for this year, is all about achieving and celebrating milestones!

In this edition, we share a story of a family that makes the most out of the Owensboro Health Healthpark. We also celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital, the fifth anniversary of Owensboro Health Regional Hospital on Pleasant Valley Road, the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Owensboro Health Healthpark, the one-year anniversary of our three Healthplex facilities, and more!

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Winter 2018 issue

Winter features

Family activity

Don Schmied uses the Healthpark to stay active. So does his son and granddaughter. With three generations of Schmieds using the Healthpark, the facility has become something of a family tradition.

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80 years and still going strong

Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital has been serving the people of Muhlenberg County for eight decades. See photos of the hospital's past and learn about some of the longest-serving team members at OHMCH.

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Still focused on what matters most

It's been five years since Owensboro Health Regional Hospital moved to its current site on Pleasant Valley Road. The move brought a lot of changes, but the best things about the hospital stayed the same.

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A great place to work out

The Healthpark's 20th anniversary celebration is about more than just the building. It's also about the team members who make the facility special. Learn about the team members who've been at the facility since it opened, and the close-knit physical therapy crew that helps make a difference.

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One year and counting

The Owensboro Health Healthplexes in Henderson, Madisonville and Powderly are celebrating a year of service in January 2019. Gary Lee, director of Regional Clinics for Owensboro Health, shares the accomplishments and the look ahead for these facilities!

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