Send a note of thanks to your favorite doctor

In celebration of National Doctors' Day

  1. Share stories of your doctor's excellent care and write a personal note of thanks to be sent to the doctor of your choice. Just fill out the form below.
  2. Consider making a tax-deductible gift in honor of your doctor to support health programs that benefit our community. (Choose "Yes" on the last question on the form below.)

Some of your thank you messages

Dr. Ravi Alapati: There are no words of appreciation that I can say to express how I feel. You and your staff are so awesome and caring. I could have not ever followed through with the gastric sleeve surgery without your program. I am more active and feel so much better. You not only in the long run saved my life, but you gave me back my quality of life. You helped me to change my life story. You gave me back my run, go and do spirit. You made me feel special and not bad for having the weight to begin with. Thank you and God bless you - Julia

Dr. Abraham Galloway: In my many years I have moved around a lot which meant different doctors. You have exceeded my greatest expectations in a doctor. You are always on top of all my routine checks, my medications and refills. I have never had to wait more then 10 minutes to see you. You even know when something is just a little off with me. I finally hit the jackpot. You are the greatest in doctors. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to me and my health. Mary

Dr. Harpreet Minhas: I'd like to thank Dr. Minhas for getting me walking again without pain. After a year of plantar fasciitis in both feet it was unbearable to get through the day. Now I'm walking every day again and signed up for a 5K I'm super excited! He was very professional and extremely nice we are lucky you have him in our community. Thank you so much! Judy